Ice Slidin’ Away at St. Elizabeths East

Ready to ride, or make that, slide

Ready to ride, or make that, slide

My friend, Torey, gets the credit for finding this one. I completely missed the DCist post about the ice slide at St. Elizabeths East Gateway Pavilion. But, thankfully, my peops look out for me (and KFDC), so I was able to get the scoop on this temporary winter gem.


Here’s the deal: For the next few weekends, through mid-February, you can enjoy inner tube rides down an ice slide set up at the gateway pavilion. It’s not a huge slide, but a spin down it is massively fun (tip: request the “special” to get your tube turning). You go fast, maybe bounce off the walls a bit, and can’t help but let out a whoop — or a few. They even have double tubes, so you can partner up to whiz down.



Really little ones have to ride on an adult’s lap, but children about 4 and up can go on their own. Cost is $5 for adults, and FREE for kids 18 and under.


Even more, there’s a room in the pavilion with games and crafts to hang out in when you’re done sliding or want to warm up. There’s also a cafe, so you can take a snack break, though it closed before we could check it out, so I can’t tell you what they serve. But you’ll probably be too busy sliding to care.


St. Elizabeths East is located at 2700 Martin Luther King Avenue SE. Free parking is available on site. The ice slide will be open Friday-Sunday 12-5pm through February 15 17, plus MLK Day, Monday January 20, 11am – 5pm.


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13 Responses to Ice Slidin’ Away at St. Elizabeths East

  1. Gabriela Borges

    We were there Saturday and we had a lot of fun! Very nice! The staff also fantastic and extremely polite! Thanks for the tip!

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      So glad you had fun Gabriela! Agree about the staff – they couldn’t have been more friendly and nice. πŸ™‚

  2. Jennifer

    This looks awesome and lot easier than driving all the way to the slopes. Thanks Linda!

  3. Billy

    Why are you so surprised the staff was “polite”?

  4. James

    Good afternoon,
    I work for the District Government and the Ice Slide is OPEN each weekend until FEBRUARY 17th (PRESIDENT’S DAY).

    Thanks for all who have attended. The kids love it.

  5. Terry

    We went yesterday. Super fun, the staff was amazing and the rec center is a nice treat. Amazing idea!!

  6. Tom

    Thank you for posting this. It was so much fun!

  7. Claudia

    This was so much fun! My 8 year old daughter first was afraid of sliding. After a couple of times sharing the slide with me, though, she went by herself and then even ordered the “special” – speeding and spinning down the slide. It was so great we have to go back tomorrow (last day) – I can only recommend it!
    BTW: Linda, I love your blog ! We are new to this area and, thanks to your blog posts, we get to discover all the gems here!

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  9. Julia

    I was wondering if you knew whether the ice slide is open this winter? We are hoping to go this afternoon. I love having your blog as a reference!!
    Thank you!!

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      Hi Julia – I’m just seeing this… but as far as I know, the ice slide didn’t return this year. πŸ™

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