Bloom Town: Where and When to See the Best Flower Displays Around DC

The spectacular bloom at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens


It seems a lot of people love a good flower bloom, myself included. Lucky for us, there are some spectacular displays of flora around the DC area. They all occur during the warmer months, though their peaks vary. And there are several places that are particularly great to view them, a few even known specifically for the bloom. Here’s where you can stop, smell, see, and just enjoy the beauty of them all. Plan on amazing photo ops, too!


It doesn’t get much more iconic DC than this

Cherry Blossoms
Where: Tidal Basin | National Mall Area, DC
When: Late March – Early April
Admission: Free

DC’s most famous bloom, in a way, marks the arrival of spring. It may not always be in sync with the calendar, but when the beloved flowers start to appear around the city, a collective seasonal shift seems to begin. The most iconic place to view the cherry blossoms is at the Tidal Basin, where you can walk the path around the water under a canopy of pink and white flowers. It’s a stunning scene that draws a lot of visitors, so these KFDC tips come in handy when you plan to view them.


Pair some magnolia viewing with a museum outing

Where: Enid A. Haupt Garden | National Mall, DC
When: Late March – April
Admission: Free

Magnolias have become more of a celebrated DC bloom in recent years, perhaps as an alternative to the cherry blossoms that always draw large crowds. The specific variety that create spectacular pink and white scenes are saucer magnolias, and they often start blooming before the cherry blossoms in some locales. The Enid A. Haupt Garden is one of the best places to see them, with magnolia trees lining the path surrounding the parterre (the beautiful, meticulously groomed center area of the garden) and growing throughout the grounds. While you’re there, plan on a museum (or a few), too. The National Museums of Asian Art and African Art border the garden, and the Hirshhorn is very close by.  (Update: There is also a gorgeous display of blooming magnolia trees at Indiana Plaza, at the corner of 7th Street, Pennsylvania, and Indiana Ave. — plus, picnic tables with swing seats and nearby places to get a good bite (or bring back to the tables) make it worth the stop.)


Add some color to your hike along the Potomac

Where: Riverbend Park | Great Falls, VA
When: Early-Late April
Admission: Free

The hike from Riverbend to Great Falls Park is a local favorite, and it’s especially great in spring when the bluebells bloom, lining the trail along the banks of the Potomac River. The periwinkle, bell-shaped flowers add delightful pops of color to the rest of the still-budding landscape emerging from winter. Every year, Riverbend hosts Bluebells at the Bend, a day of fun festivities, to celebrate the bloom — this year it will take place April 8 (sign up for time slots here and here). You can read more about a great Riverbend hike here.


Wisteria dreams at Dumbarton

Where: Dumbarton Oaks Gardens | Georgetown, DC
When: Mid-April – Mid-May
Admission: $7

One of my very favorite spots in DC showcases all kinds of gorgeous flowers, but the wisteria blooms here like no other place in the city (that I can think of, anyway). The purple-petaled flowers drape over walls and trellises in several areas of the grounds, but it’s especially exquisite in the Pebble Garden. Read more about Dumbarton Oaks Gardens through the link above as well as here and here (we’ve been there a lot!).  Note that days and hours are limited — it’s open Tuesday – Sunday, 3-5pm November- Mid-March, and 3-6pm Mid-March-October.   I recommend taking kiddos to play at Montrose Park first and/or grabbing a bite in Georgetown before or after your visit (this post includes some restaurant recs).


Azaleas make the already lovely Arb even lovelier

Where: U.S. National Arboretum | Northeast DC
When: Late April – Mid-May
Admission: Free

The National Arboretum is beautiful any time of year, but it’s especially stunning in the spring when the flowers begin to bloom. The azalea collection is particularly fantastic and draws visitors from all over to see the vibrant hues blanketing the hillside where they are located. Red, pink, purple, and white flowers saturate the landscape starting around late April and peak in stages over several weeks. If you go see them, plan to make a day of it at the Arboretum — there is so much to enjoy beyond the blooms, too! Read more about the Arb and the azaleas here and here.


🌷Immerse in tulips at Burnside Farms 🌷

Where: Burnside Farms | Nokesville, VA
When: Mid-April – Mid-May
Admission: $19-29/weekday, $21-31/weekend

Burnside Farms’ annual Festival of Spring showcasing the season’s flowers has fittingly also been called Holland in Haymarket (where it used to take place). Giant fields contain over 50 different varieties of flowers in a rainbow of colors, and you can pick your own to enjoy at home ($1 per tulip, $1 for 2 daffodils). There are also other fun activities like all kinds of clogs to try on and picnic and play areas.  It should be noted that the winter can have an affect on the bloom, and the full crop of flowers may not make it (as happened a few years ago). But what is there is always sure to be gorgeous. Have your camera handy for some brilliant photo ops! [Note: Seeing the Burnside tulips can get pricey for families, so if you’re looking for a budget tulip-viewing option, Brookside Gardens has a nice (though much less spectacular) collection of them.]


A sea of lotus flowers

Lotus and Water Lillies
Where: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens | Northeast DC
When: Late June – July
Admission: Free

Of all the big annual blooms that occur in the DC area, the lotus flowers and water lilies at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens may just be my favorite one. Not only is the sight of the bursting pink, white, and peachy hued flora absolutely breathtaking, its secluded location — the park is located in an unexpected part of Northeast DC just blocks from the buzz of 295 — makes it a glorious oasis of beautiful nature in the city. The bloom begins early to mid summer and peaks around the middle of July, and it’s celebrated annually at the Lotus and Water Lily Festival (2023 date TBA), a day full of activities for kids, cultural dance performances, gardening workshops, and park tours. Read about a fun way to get there and another great way to include the destination in a fun day out.


Sunflowers taller than my tall kid!

Where: McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area | Poolesville, MD
When: Mid-Late July
Admission: Free

This bloom is amazing! The 30+ acres of sunflowers at McKee-Beshers is such a happy sight, like a big congregation of smiling emoji sunshine faces. It occurs during what is typically the hottest time of the year in the area, but it’s worth braving the temps and humidity to experience in person. And it’s right down the street from Homestead Farm, so you can pair a visit to see the stalks of yellow joy with a berry picking outing. Hats, close-toed shoes, sunscreen, and a bottle of water are recommended. Follow the link for logistics on getting there.


Everything’s coming up roses…

Where: U.S. Botanic Garden | National Mall, DC
When: Mid-May – August
Admission: Free

The roses in the National Garden, the outdoor part of the U.S. Botanic Garden, are a lovely sight to see — and smell, of course. Showcasing several varieties that thrive in the Mid-Atlantic using organic methods, the area is a floral sensation during late spring through the summer. There are even more flowers across Pennsylvania Avenue at Bartholdi Park (though roses don’t star), and the rest of the USBG is always fantastic to tour. Take little ones to the Children’s Garden, where they can have fun flexing their green thumbs!


A springtime scene at the National Cathedral Bishop’s Garden

Some other great gardens around the DC area, where you can enjoy flowers, but aren’t necessarily known for any specific bloom…
* Franciscan Monastery in Brookland, DC
* Enid A. Haupt Garden on the National Mall, DC
* Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral, DC
* Tudor Place in Georgetown, DC
* Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD
* River Farm in Alexandria, VA
* Meadowlark Botanical Garden in Vienna, VA
* Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, VA


So many spring flowers at Dumbarton Oaks

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