Coronavirus Content

This is a strange, unprecedented time we’re experiencing. The coronavirus and its effects have impacted everyone — in both ways that we all share and ways that are unique to our particular situations. For me, it’s obviously affected KidFriendly DC given that my blog covers events and activities and places to go, just about all of which are canceled and closed right now. Sure, I could use this as a chance to take a break, but I like being productive and providing a useful resource to the DC community. So, instead of guiding readers as they navigate DC with kids, maybe I can help during this uncertain time by disseminating practical information, offering suggestions, and providing some smiles and laughs. These links, hopefully, do that, and be sure to check the daily “Five Things for Today,” too. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!

Activities Around DC During These Corona Times
The newest addition to this round-up, this list has both ideas for things to do around the area as well as information on reopenings. And it will be continuously updated as more places become accessible again.

What to Do on the Weekdays At Home During the Coronavirus
The title might say it’s for the weekdays, but certainly the suggestions for kids’ activities can be enjoyed on weekends, too.

Social Distancing Survival Tips for Parents with Toddlers
These tips are from KFDC contributor, Emily Moise, mom of two little ones. Most of my own strategies are more for school age children since my kids are older, so Emily brings a fresh perspective to this new socially distanced world we’re all still figuring out how to navigate.

Tips for Parents During this Social Distancing Time at Home (that Don’t Involve the Kids)
Some of these ideas especially for parents may actually be better for the weekends, especially for moms and dads who are working from home during the week. Since we can’t dine out, see shows, go to events, or visit many local places, we’ll have more time at home — and this post has suggestions to help make the most of it. Yes, the kids will be home more, too, but parents could take turns giving each other their own time while one hangs with the kids.

Virtual DC Activities & Experiences for Kids at Home During the Coronavirus
If kids can’t get to some of their favorite local places and activities during this time, you can bring the experiences to them — virtually. From webcams featuring the cherry blossoms and zoo animals to special live streamed programs especially for kids to online tours of iconic spots, there are a bunch of ways to access DC and keep your crew entertained while you #optinside.

A KFDC Drive to Help Emergency Departments Get Critical Supplies
Medical professionals are on the front lines of the coronavirus battle, putting their own health — and lives — at risk to help others. Hospitals are experiencing a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help

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