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Visit a Non-Free Museum — For Free!

This Saturday, September 24, Smithsonian Magazine is hosting it’s annual Museum Day, when admission to participating museums is free of charge.

I know what you’re thinking:  Our museums already are free.  And that’s true of most of the galleries and institutions that house collections of everything from great works of art to famous aircraft to dinosaur bones to relics of American pop culture.

But there are others.  We just often tend to overlook them because we can’t walk in without needing our wallets.  Those others include places like President Lincoln’s Cottage, The Phillips Collection, Dumbarton House, the B&O Railroad Museum, the Alexandria Archaeology Museum, the College Park Aviation Museum, and many more.

Thanks to Smithsonian Magazine, all of these museums and scores of others across the country will open their doors for free on Saturday, so if it is, indeed, the entrance fee that has kept you away, now’s your chance to visit.  All you need is a ticket, which you can receive by filling out your information here, and it’s good for you and a guest.


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