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A Wildly Fun Treasure Hunt with Judy Moody and Stink at Adventure Theatre

Photo courtesy of Adventure Theatre (Michael Horan)

If audience reaction says all you need to know about a production, then Judy Moody and Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt, currently running at Adventure Theatre, is a hilariously entertaining and engaging hit. At a recent performance of the show, the room full of mostly field-tripping third graders were on the edges of their seats, waiting to see what would come next, howling with laughter at the antics on stage, and “helping” the characters on a wild treasure hunt mission.

Based on the popular children’s books, the play follows Judy Moody and her little brother Stink on a weekend family getaway to Ocracoke Island. School has just started again, and she was the only kid in her class who didn’t return with tales of vacation adventures — or a T-shirt declaring where she went. She also is trying to figure out what to include in her “Me” collage for school.

On their trip, Judy Moody and Stink are invited to join a treasure hunt in search of gold and the chance to take home a prize — a T-shirt boasting a break to Ocracoke. Judy is determined to win, and the brother-sister team embark on a fantastic, fun adventure around the island, solving mysterious puzzles and meeting interesting people as they go.

Photo courtesy of Adventure Theatre (Bruce Douglas)

Kids (and adults) can’t help but get caught up in the fun of the challenge with them. At this performance, young theatre-goers were eager to help Judy and Stink figure out the clues and let them know what the competing team was up to. The actors did a phenomenal job of acknowledging the audience, but also keeping us in suspense as they navigated their way around Ocracoke in search of the booty. It was great physical theatre as they jumped and crept around, danced, even had into a sword fight.

How it all pans out, you’ll just have to go see for yourself! But I can tell you that Judy Moody had loads of vacation adventures to share with her classmates and plenty of fodder for her “Me” collage. Your crew will have a great theatre adventure to share as well!

Judy Moody and Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt is running at Adventure Theatre through June 3, 2018. Tickets are $19.50 and available online or at the Box Office. The show is recommended for ages 4+, and run time is about an hour.

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It’s a Cherry Blossom Dream this Spring at ARTECHOUSE

ARTECHOUSE, the Southwest DC gallery specializing in creative works that merge art and technology, has been celebrating the seasons through large-scale installations that reflect the time of year with stunning visuals and neat interactives. And it probably comes as no surprise that the newest one, the spring exhibit, features one of DC’s seasonal favorites: Cherry Blossoms.

Sakura Yume // Cherry Blossom Dream offers a new way to experience our city’s famous flowers. They might not be real in this digital environment, but they’re beautiful as they float along the lofty walls of the gallery’s main space along with colorful clouds of light created by your movements. Like past installations there, sensors are carefully placed to let you manipulate the art by waving your arms or walking along the wall where the images are projected.

More activations invite guests to interact with the art. You can virtually feed koi fish and make cherry blossoms bloom on an interactive table. There is a hall with paper lanterns hanging above that light up as you walk under them. Orange dots on a wall can be rearranged as you “move” them.

My favorite element — and the one I think will be a fave of most guests — is an interactive table that projects beautiful blossom and Japanese-inspired images and lets you play with light and color. Hands and fingers become paint brushes as you create big swaths of color or make butterflies appear out of gray backgrounds. It’s mesmerizing and therapeutic and just really delightful to see.

All ages, children and adults, will appreciate this Cherry Blossom Dream. Kids are welcome during daytime hours 10am – 5pm, but evenings 5:30-11pm are for adults only. The bar is open during these hours, serving tasty and gorgeous exhibit-inspired cocktails. And on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 5:30-7pm the Bloom Food Immersive Experience, a bento box style meal will also be available.

Sakura Yume // Cherry Blossom Dream
Where: ARTECHOUSE | 1238 Maryland Avenue SW, WDC
When: Daily through May 6, 2018
Hours: 10am – 5pm (all ages) | 5:30-11pm (21+)
Admission: $15/adult, $8/child | $85/Bloom Food Experience

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