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Sample Camp Arena Stage at an Open House this Weekend!

Camp Arena Stage kids perform at a noon-time show

We may be in the midst of winter, but it’s time to start thinking about summer! Registration for many camps around the DC area opens at the beginning of the year — and kids ages 8-15 can sample one of them this weekend…

Camp Arena Stage, a multi-arts summer camp, is hosting its first-ever Open House this Saturday, January 13. From 10am – 2pm at the Mead Center (Arena Stage in SW), kids can sample workshops and classes with camp staff, everything from Improvisation to Shakespeare to Hip Hop Dance to Print Making to Musical Theater! It’s also a great opportunity to have questions answered and meet some of the people your child will interact with at camp.

Held at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Camp Arena Stage gives kids an opportunity to learn, grow, and shine in all kinds of fun ways. Campers create their own schedules, choosing five activities from 75 diverse options for a well-rounded summer roster. We know firsthand what a great experience it is for kids — Owen did a two-week session there last summer and loved it! And since he’s the most familiar with the program, we did a little Q&A with him to give you the inside scoop…

One happy Arena Stage camper

What was the most unique/interesting class you took at camp last summer?
Movie trailers, because it was so different from the other classes. We got to create our own story from scratch and bring it to life. We brought in props, filmed it ourselves, and learned how to edit using all the different techniques. It was really cool.

I hear there’s a noon-time show every single day? What is it exactly?
It’s kind of like a talent show… you can perform whatever you want just for the fun of performing and the experience of being on stage.

Does everyone have to participate in the noon-time show? Do you have a favorite experience performing in the show?
Not everybody has to perform, it’s optional. Yes, I do! My favorite experience was when my lunch group and our counselor, Alex, did a lip sync and dance to “Cool It Now” (by New Edition). We all did solo parts, and it was really funny. Most of us didn’t even know the words…we just tried our best to make it look like we did.

What is your favorite camp tradition?
On the last day of camp, everybody gets a piece of string and sits in a circle. In every class, the counselor goes around and gives each person a compliment about their whole time at camp. As they give the compliment, they also give a bead to put on the string. So, at the end of the day, you have a colorful string of beads to wear as a bracelet or necklace or however you want that represents all of these positive things about you.

If someone was thinking about going to camp, what would be your number one reason they should try it?
All of the classes are really fun and interesting and engaging, and there are so many new things you can learn to do besides just performing. It’s all just a great experience and really fun!

Making new friends is part of the fun, too

Is your kid ready to get a taste of Camp Arena Stage? Make a plan to attend the Open House!

Camp Arena Stage Open House
Where: Mead Center, 1101 6th Street SW, DC
When: Saturday, January 13, 10am – 2pm
Admission: FREE!
*The Open House is for ages 8-15, but accompanying younger siblings can enjoy face painting and craft activities throughout the day.

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