The Weekend: March 13-15

If you visited this page hoping to find information about events and activities happening around DC this weekend, you’re going to be very disappointed. I had a whole Weekend Round-Up all ready to go, but it’s been scrapped.

Not only have many events been canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus, my conscience is weighing in, too. With all that we now know about coronavirus, I believe that exercising caution and proactively preventing the spread of the disease should be of utmost importance at this time. No, I am not a health expert (though I did discuss this with one), but I am a concerned human, and I just wouldn’t feel right encouraging my readers in any way to put themselves (and others) in potentially risky health situations. This isn’t panic; it’s just taking these unique circumstances very seriously.

If you still want to get out of the house, consider outdoor activities that still allow for social distancing like hiking, a bike ride, or even a shark tooth hunting adventure.

I’m still sharing my planned *MORE GOOD STUFF* section with a mix of relevant, informative, and fun links, plus some more recommendations for activities in lieu of large public events.

Thanks for your understanding of this decision. Stay healthy and safe.

And, as always, Happy Weekend!

* The DC government set up a central website for local coronavirus updates.
* The Washington Post also has Live Updates.
* Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo are still open as of now, but all public events through May 3 are canceled.
* All shows scheduled at the 9:30 Club, Lincoln Theatre, and The Anthem through March 31 are being postponed.
* How the coronavirus hijacks your cells.
* Some National Cherry Blossom Festival events have been canceled, including the Kite Festival, and there may be even more.
* The cherry blossom peak has been revised to March 21-24, and these tips for viewing them include places to go without the crowds.
* My friend Darcy always has the best recommendations for reading, watching, and listening.
* The second season of My Brilliant Friend, based on the wonderful books by Elena Ferrante, premieres Monday!
* I love a good protest.

* Fatherly has some good suggestions for DIY activities with kiddos.
* Here are some good ideas from The Cut.
* 10 Kid-Friendly Card Games.
* Some of our favorite family games: Rummikub, Anomia, Scrabble, and Catan.
* A KFDC reader shared this fun website with me.

*MORE TO WATCH* (With and without kids)
* A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood seems like a good one to see now for something uplifting and, because, Tom Hanks.
* In case you didn’t (or did) see Frozen 2 in the theater, you can rent it now.
* Sing Street is one of our family’s favorite movies.
* Sasha and I just watched Legally Blonde together — her first time seeing and enjoying it — and I loved it all over again.
* The Outsider on HBO is so creepy and compelling.
* Owen (age 14) is really into this anime series.
* I’m with Hillary on Hulu!
* Levi and I just watched Swallow, a super bizarre movie.
* I mentioned Love is Blind last week, and I’m suggesting it again because it’s a perfect binge.
* Contagion apparently has had a resurgence in popularity (wonder why?).


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3 Responses to The Weekend: March 13-15

  1. caroline

    brilliant! perfect post.

  2. Mom

    You said “I like a good protest” under MORE GOOD STUFF – the site it links to had 4-letter words. Not “kid-friendly”!

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      True – but my blog is meant to be read by parents not kids, and the MORE GOOD STUFF is suppose to be a mix of practical and fun links for adults, so sharing things like that seems okay. Apologies if your child happened to be looking at that with you!

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