The Fall Line-Up of Live Entertainment

Art on the Horizon’s “Drumming with Dishes” – a fave during Sasha’s preschool years

A new season means a new line-up of live entertainment around DC. With everything from children’s plays and puppet shows to music and dance performances to classics on ice to options for KidFree outings, there’s something for everyone coming to local stages. Here are all the details, listed in order of opening date.

The Legend of Pufferfish Pat
Where: Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center | Silver Spring, MD
When: Through September 23
Tickets: $10-12.50

Pufferfish Pat is a legendary cowboy hero who can outride, outrope and outrun just about anything — except his own hair-trigger temper. He wants to be a friend to everyone and stay cool as a cucumber…he just doesn’t know how! And with the little town of Gravy Gulch heating up for the annual Great Gravy Cookoff and Fashion Festival, it’s more important than ever that Pat keep his cool! Where can he get help with this ornery problem? And what happens when black hat cowboy One-Eyed Jack rolls back into town, looking to get Pat run out of town for good? Will Pat be able to get a hold of his mean temper in time, or is it adios, Gravy Gulch?

Where: The Puppet Co. | Glen Echo, MD
When: September 15 – October 1
Tickets: $12

In grand circus tradition, the “Greatest Show on Strings” features a collection of clowns, death-defying acrobats, and an amazing menagerie of fauna from the farthest reaches of the globe. Many of the acts were built more than 50 years ago by Christopher’s parents for “Len Piper’s International Marionette Circus.” Recommended for all ages.

Native Gardens (KidFree Suggestion!)
Where: Arena Stage | Southwest DC
When: September 15 – October 22
Tickets: $56-111

Good fences make good neighbors…right? From the outrageous mind of playwright Karen Zacarías comes this hot new comedy about the clash of class and culture that pushes well-meaning neighbors over the edge. Tania, a very pregnant Ph.D. candidate, and Pablo, her rising attorney husband, move next door to Virginia and Frank, a deep-rooted D.C. couple with an impeccably trimmed backyard. But when a questionable fence line puts a prize-worthy garden in jeopardy, neighborly rivalry escalates into an all-out border dispute, challenging everyone’s notions of race, privilege and where to draw the line on good taste.

Jungle at Bungaloo
Where: Encore Stage & Studio | Arlington, VA
When: September 21 – October 6
Tickets: $10 (look for a discount here)

Characters come to life through the art of puppetry and rhyme!
Explore caves, lakes, and waterfalls on an adventure of a lifetime.
Discover the sounds and movements of the animals in the Bungaloo
–including a snake, a spider, and a bat too!
Meet our actors and play on the set,
this exciting performance will be your favorite yet!

How I Became a Pirate
Where: Adventure Theatre | Glen Echo, MD
When: September 22 – October 22
Tickets: $19.50 (look for a discount here)

Argh matey! It’s pirate’s life for me on the high seas! One day as Jeremy builds a sand castle on the beach, a pirate ship rows ashore in search of a place to bury the pirate’s treasure. Taken aboard as an honorary pirate, Jeremy learns the ropes of what it really means to be a swashbuckling (but smelly) pirate, and the pirates just might learn how to play soccer too. Recommended for all ages.

Death of a Salesman
Where: Ford’s Theatre | Downtown, DC
When: September 22 – October 22
Tickets: $20-33

Willy Loman’s career is over. During a pivotal 24 hours, he reflects on his life as a father, husband and traveling salesman. Truth and lies intermingle as Willy tries to reconcile the optimism of his youth with his unfulfilled dreams. As the full force of reality crashes down on him, he places his last hope of success in his two sons. Arthur Miller’s classic play challenges us to reconsider what it means to succeed and the cost of chasing the American Dream. Stephen Rayne (“Our Town,” “The Widow Lincoln,” “Sabrina Fair”) directs Craig Wallace as Willy Loman and Kimberly Schraf as Linda. Recommended for ages 13+.

The Adventures of the Extra Ordinary Super Heroes
Where: Georgetown Lutheran Church | Georgetown, DC
When: September 23, 24, 30, & October 1
Tickets: Free, but reserve in advance!

It seems like a regular Monday for these unlikely purveyors of justice but an emergency of global proportions changes all that. Join this band of improbable and lovable crime fighters as they utilize their decidedly ordinary skills to save the day! City Kids Theatre presents this smart and funny play recommended for ages 5 – 13.

Capoeira Angola with Skher Brown & The Dancing Warriors
Where: Publick Playhouse | Cheverly, MD
When: September 23, 2pm
Tickts: $5

The whole family will be dazzled by the spins, kicks, flips and live music of this unusual art form, which has its origins in Central Africa but evolved in Brazil. Learn a few words if Brazilian Portuguese as you join the call-and-response songs and stories, and go onstage to participate in the movement and drumming of this high-energy and interactive presentation.

Dave Chappelle (KidFree Suggestion!)
Where: Warner Theatre | Downtown DC
When: September 25-30
Tickets: $67-295

DC’s own is coming home to play a bunch of shows September 21-30, and there are still tickets available for some of the later date shows. It’s practically guaranteed to be a great time — and not just because of his shout-out to #dcpublicschools.

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream
Where: EagleBank Arena | Fairfax, VA
When: September 29 – October 8
Tickets: $20+ (look for a discount here)

Celebrate what’s possible as the adventures of five daring Disney heroines spark the courage inside us all at Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream! See how far Moana will go when she embarks on a quest to save her island. Anna’s devotion to her estranged sister Elsa sets her on a perilous journey to mend their bond and stop an eternal winter. Rapunzel breaks out of her tower and teams up with an unlikely companion, Flynn Rider. Armed only with courage, Belle befriends the enchanted castle staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s rough exterior. With help from her friends and a little magic, Cinderella is determined to make the wish in her heart come true.

Saturday Morning at the National
Where: National Theatre | Downtown DC
When: Most Saturdays
Tickets: FREE!

The free theatre program runs on select Saturdays with performances at 9:30am and 11:30am. Musicals, plays, storytelling, and comedy shows are all part of the live entertainment line-up. See the complete schedule of performances here. Tickets are distributed day of performances on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone must be in line to receive a ticket.

Tot Rock
Where: Jammin’ Java | Vienna, VA
When: Ongoing
Tickets: $5/weekdays, $10/weekends

Tot Rock is Jammin’ Java’s super-popular kids music concert series, providing wholesome family entertainment at one of the DC Metro area’s finest music clubs. Local acts perform every Thursday and Friday, and touring performers drop by on many weekends. Check the calendar often to see when your favorite act is performing, and for other calendar updates.

Boogie Babes
Where: Eastern Market | Capitol Hill, DC
When: Wednesdays & Thursdays, 10:30am
Tickets: $5/child, free for sibling 6 months and under

Little ones can boogie along with their favorite local musicians at Eastern Market’s North Hall on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Even better, proceeds from all shows benefit DC Diaper Bank! Go for the entertainment, then grab lunch in the market or at one of many nearby eateries after.

Tiny Tots
Where: The Puppet Co. | Glen Echo, MD
When: Most Wednesdays, Saturdays, & Sundays at 10am
Tickets: $5

The series presents puppet shows designed for the youngest theater patrons (ages 0-4). They are shorter, the lights stay on, and the doors stay open. They have an arsenal of shows that they switch up every performance, so be sure to check the schedule to see what’s playing when you go.

Millennium Stage
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom
When: Ongoing daily, 6pm
Tickets: Free

The Kennedy Center presents these free, no-tickets-required performances every day at 6pm, and the public is welcome to enjoy them. The acts span the genres — you can see everything from contemporary dance to folk music to puppetry to comedy shows to opera scenes. Millennium Stage showcases everyone from local youth choirs to internationally known bands (They Might Be Giants performed there a few years ago). This is a great series to keep in mind for whenever you’re looking for some free, easy entertainment.

The Lover & The Collection (KidFree suggestion!)
Where: Landsburgh Theatre | Penn Quarter, DC
When: September 26 – October 29
Tickets: $44-102 (look for a discount here)

In The Collection, a jealous husband confronts a rival, whom his wife may or may not have met. In The Lover, a married couple calmly plans for their scheduled infidelities. In Pinter’s darkly comic world of revealing silences and pregnant pauses, the characters—and the audience—never know quite where they stand, embracing reality and fantasy with equal conviction.

Shear Madness
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom
When: Through October 1
Tickets: $54 (look for a discount here)

Set today in the Shear Madness hairstyling salon, this record-breaking comedy is Washington’s hilarious whodunit. After more than 13,000 performances, the show has stayed in great shape. Recommended for tweens and up.

The Velveteen Rabbit, Reborn
Where: Hylton Performing Arts Center | Manassas, VA
When: October 1, 2pm & 4pm
Tickets: $15/adult, $5/child

The whole family will treasure this enchanting musical re-telling of a timeless storybook favorite! Through the power of love and nursery magic, a young boy transforms his beloved toy into a real rabbit. Together the Boy and his velveteen friend embark on exciting imaginary adventures, from deep dark caves to the wide open sea, and together they learn the true meaning of friendship. This show is presented by the Pushcart Players, an award-winning and Emmy-nominated theater company specializing in arts education for children. Recommended for ages 5-10.

Shopkins Live! Shop It Up!
Where: Warner Theatre | Downtown DC
When: October 3
Tickets: $27-123

All of Shopville is in a tizz as preparations get underway for the annual “Funtastic Food and Fashion Fair”. Shady Diva showcases her latest fashion designs; Lippy Lips gives colorful advice at the nail salon; Kooky Cookie tries to get in a beauty nap! But wait — no event is complete without a few hiccups! Who has high-jinxed the fashion pageant? Where is the super-secret celebrity guest? Will Slick Breadstick ever find a dance partner? The Shopkins and Shoppies need your help – the show must go on!

African Roots/Latino Soul
Where: Discovery Theater | National Mall, DC
When: October 4,5,26
Tickets: $3-8

How many cultures can we be? This vibrant play explores what it means to be Latino, African American, and proud, growing up in the heart of the American melting pot. The story of Celia Cruz, the warmth of mama’s kitchen, and the bustle of city life all play parts in a show that demonstrates that the pulse of the music is the heart of the people. Written with the Young Playwrights’ Theater, this is a story of the triumphs of today’s multicultural kids. Recommended for ages 6-12.

Our Town
Where: Olney Theatre | Olney, MD
When: October 4 – November 12
Tickets: $54/adult, $49/child (look for a discount here)

In this new production, faithful to the script and sanctioned by the Wilder Family Estate, just seven actors portray the key characters in this intergenerational story set in the quintessential American hamlet of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. The actors will also manipulate and animate Bunraku-style puppets to represent the rest of the townspeople. Helen Hayes Award winner and OTC Artistic Associate Jon Hudson Odom (Angels in America) plays the coveted role of the Stage Manager, who guides us through this beloved and stirring story.

Where: The Puppet Co. | Glen Echo, MD
When: October 5 – November 17
Tickets: $12

Half life-size rod puppets, performed in the Italian “Comedia del Arte” style, tell Carlo Collodi’s story of what it means to be “real”. Share the trials and tribulations of the little live puppet as he finds in one adventure after another that the “easy way” isn’t always the right way. Recommended for ages 5+.

Night Train 57: A Sensory-Friendly Folk Opera
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: October 5-7
Tickets: $30 (look for a discount here)

All aboard the Night Train! Enter the freewheeling musical world of Grammy winner Dan Zanes, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Claudia Eliaza, and percussionist Yuriana Sobrino for an interactive folk opera that takes audiences on a far-out ride to the galaxies and back. During a joyous dusk-to-dawn trip through the stars, passengers on Night Train 57 will discover the power of friendship and community with the sounds of 21st-century handmade sing-along music. This world-premiere adventure welcomes travelers of all ages and sensory levels.

Drumming with Dishes
Where: The Lab at Convergence | Alexandria, VA
When: October 6-21
Tickets: $9

Arts on the Horizon brings back a classic! In a very special kitchen, a lively child and her shy imaginary friend cook up beautiful music using pasta box shakers, dishes, spoons and many more surprising instruments. Drumming with Dishes is a whimsical interactive performance, which celebrates friendship, play and imagination. As our heroine empowers her imaginary friend to create music, we discover just what wonders can be accomplished when we all play together. Recommended for ages 2-5.

Fábulas Fairy Tales
Where: Discovery Theater | National Mall, DC
When: October 6, 20, & 25
Tickets: $3-8

They’ve added a fabulous new story to everybody’s favorites—told Smithsonian-style in both English and Spanish with lots of audience participation! The adventures of three bears, three little pigs, three billy goats gruff, and three little kittens are joined by a classic story about a lion and a mouse that’s also a guessing game. Spanish-language learning, literacy through storytelling, math, music, and more!

The Smartest Girl in the World
Where: Imagination Stage | Bethesda, MD
When: October 7-29
Tickets: $10-30

Studious Leo and his younger sister Lizzy couldn’t be more different. But, the two share dreams of becoming successful and making life easier for their overworked parents. When Mami and Papi forbid Leo to accept a place on his school’s TV Challenge team due to his chronic illness, Lizzy studies up to compete in his stead. But, the plan backfires when Leo feels jealous rather than grateful. Can Lizzy win the competition and regain her brother’s love? Recommended for ages 6+

The Cashore Marionettes: Simple Gifts
Where: Publick Playhouse | Cheverly, MD
When: October 7, 2pm
Tickets: $5

The internationally acclaimed Cashore Marionettes redefine the art of puppetry with marionettes that are astounding in the range of emotion they convey. In “Simple Gifts,” everyday episodes are transformed into humorous and sensitive stories that all ages will enjoy.

Saturday Family Jazz Sessions
Where: Strathmore | Bethesda, MD
When: Several Saturdays in October & November
Tickets: $10/advance, $12/at door

Junior jazz aficionados can spend Saturday mornings singing, playing, and preparing for a lifetime of music appreciation. Strathmore’s fun, creative, kid-friendly series features music by a different performer each session. These will take place during the fall October 14, 21, 28, and November 4. Recommended for ages 3-8.

Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: October 12-15
Tickets: $29-35 (look for a discount here)

This pulsating new multimedia documentary theater work—derived from the real-life stories of six families exploring issues of mental health, addiction, and gender and sexual identity—features an evocative folk rock score, video projections, and emotionally charged movement. Recommended for ages 12+.

Peppa Pig Live!
Where: Warner Theatre | Downtown DC
When: October 15

Surprise! Peppa Pig is hitting the road for her all new theatrical tour, Peppa Pig’s Surprise! The brand new production features Peppa, George, and all their friends in an all-singing, all-dancing adventure full of songs, games and surprises!

Adventures of Peter Pan
Where: Synetic Theatre | Crystal City, VA
When: October 18 – November 19
Tickets: $25-70 (look for a discount here)

Take flight to Neverland with Peter Pan, his Lost Boys and the Darling children! In this magical place filled with fairies, pirates, and mermaids, Peter Pan and crew will battle the delightfully sinister Captain Hook with acrobatics that will leave you on the edge of your seat! This production is recommended for ages 7+ for moments younger viewers may find frightening.

Kids Euro Festival
Where: Venues throughout DC
When: October 21 – November 5
Admission: Free

Enjoy European enternment without leaving DC! Now in its 10th year, Kids Euro Festival is one of the largest performing arts festivals for children in America, bringing Europe’s most talented children’s entertainers to the DC metro area each fall for two weeks of free performances, concerts, workshops, movies, storytelling, puppetry, dance, magic, and cinema. All free!

The Town That Cried Avalanche
Where: Highland Elementary School | Wheaton, MD
When: October 21
Tickets: Free

InterAct Story Theatre kicks off a new season of its Wheateon Family Theatre Series with the premiere of a brand new play for young audiences. The tiny mountain town of Avalanche, California is rocked with controversy: how can they balance the need for progress with taking care of the environment? And how can they even talk about it when everyone is mad at each other? Can they come together to save the town–before the mountain comes tumbling down? Recommended for ages 4+.

Robert Post’s Comedy Theatre for Kids
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom
When: October 21
Tickets: $20

It’s a one-man variety show—an act unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Once Robert Post takes the stage, you can’t take your eyes off him. One moment he’s a bungling burglar, the next a physics-defying stunt pilot. Audiences literally gasp in amazement at Post’s lightning-fast pace, flawless timing, and comedic grace. Post serves as his own witty master of ceremonies, improvising as he banters with people in the crowd. And when he ducks offstage, video clips take you on the road with him as he travels the world, visiting off-beat attractions and doing quirky interviews with the people he meets.

The Book of Mormon (KidFree Suggestion!)
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: October 24 – November 19
Tickets: $59-229

This outrageous musical comedy follows the misadventures of a mismatched pair of missionaries, sent halfway across the world to spread the Good Word. Now with standing-room-only productions in London, on Broadway, and across North America, The Book of Mormon has truly become an international sensation.

Drumming with Dishes
Where: Atlas Performing Arts Center | H Street NE, DC
When: October 25-29
Tickets: $12 (look for a discount here)

The Atlas’ Theatre for the Very young kicks off the new season with a classic from Arts on the Horizon! In a very special kitchen, a lively child and her shy imaginary friend cook up beautiful music using pasta box shakers, dishes, spoons and many more surprising instruments. Drumming with Dishes is a whimsical interactive performance, which celebrates friendship, play and imagination. As our heroine empowers her imaginary friend to create music, we discover just what wonders can be accomplished when we all play together. Recommended for ages 2-5.

Grey Skies Blue
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: October 25-29
Tickets: $20 (look for a discount here)

A young woman is forced to confront her past when her estranged mother suddenly appears at her doorstep. Two lifelong friends face a journey of cultural and self-identity together. A promising relationship is jeopardized by deception. Can any of them trust their friends or companions? And how well do they truly know themselves? The accomplished young dancers of SHAPESHIFT Theatrical tell these powerful stories of a summer of friendships in the ensemble’s trademark style of interwoven vignettes. Exploring emotional themes of family, race, love, and betrayal, this diverse collective combines styles of Hip Hop dance with the lyricism of contemporary movement. Recommended for ages 9+.

Primary Blues: Blues 101 for Families
Where: Strathmore | Bethesda, MD
When: October 28
Tickets: $14/age 13+, $5/12 and under

This multimedia concert gives kids and adults a crash course in the blues. Alumni of Strathmore’s Artist in Residence program foster an appreciation for the iconic artists, rhythms, and history of America’s enduring musical genre. These musicians and special guest artist Horace “Black Magic” Turner combine powerful stage presence and compelling musicality to introduce the roots of the blues in a fun, educational style.

NSO Family Concert: Halloween Spooktacular
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: October 29
Tickets: $20

When is it ever cool to “boo” the orchestra? On Halloween, of course! But watch out, because at this frightfully fun concert, ghoulishly attired musicians might “BOO” you from behind their instruments in return. Don your best costume, come one hour early to the Atrium for trick-or-treating plus a special Haunted Hall Musical Instrument “Petting Zoo,” and then take your seat in the Concert Hall for a program of goosebump-inducing favorites! Recommended for ages 5+.

Mean Girls
Where: National Theatre | Downtown DC
When: October 31 – December 3
Tickets: $48-203

After years of living with her zoologist parents in Africa, Cady Heron moves to Illinois and must find where she fits in the social hierarchy. A sweet, naive newbie, Cady quickly attracts the attention of The Plastics, a trio of popular frenemies led by the vicious and calculating Regina George. When Cady devises a plan to end Regina’s reign, she learns that you can’t cross a Queen Bee without getting stung.

The Amazing Max
Where: BlackRock Center for the Arts | Gaithersburg, MD
When: November 4
Tickets: $9-27

Max Darwin earned the moniker “The Amazing Max“ for his extraordinary skills as a magician and also for his ability to entertain adult audiences while keeping the little ones spellbound. Max combines magic and comedy, making objects appear and disappear and generally defying the laws of physics inches from theatergoer’s faces. This high-energy, interactive and all-around silly show is recommended for audiences ages 3+. THere are also pre- and post-show VIP experiences!

Color’s Garden
Where: National Gallery of Art | National Mall
When: November 4, 5, 11, & 12
Tickets: Free

Inspired by the art of Henri Matisse, Color’s Garden is a play that celebrates the joys and discoveries of making a new kind of art. Featuring projections, playful animations, and a lively jazz score, this theatrical fantasy brings the elements of art to life and offers new understandings about their expressive power. Following each performance, families will be invited to make collages in our hands-on artmaking space and will be provided with self-guiding resources to explore the elements of art in the Gallery’s collection. All performances are free and will take place in the East Building Auditorium, which seats 450 people. Seating is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Recommended for ages 4+.

KIDZ BOP “Best Time Ever” Tour
Where: Warner Theatre | Downtown DC
When: November 5, 12:30pm & 4pm
Tickets: $33-187

KIDZ BOP records kid-friendly versions of today’s biggest pop music hits sung by kids, for kids. Over the past 15 years, KIDZ BOP has created the #1 music brand for kids, selling more than 16,000,000 albums. KIDZ BOP is proud to be a part of kids’ music “firsts.” For millions of kids each year, KIDZ BOP is their first introduction to pop music, and for tens of thousands of kids, the KIDZ BOP Kids Live Tour is their first concert experience.

Where: Olney Theatre | Olney, MD
When: November 8 – December 31
Tickets: $64-84

Annie has been the gateway for millions of kids to develop a love of live theatre, with this 40th Anniversary production, a new generation gets its shot. It’s the middle of the Great Depression in New York City, and hard-knocks abound, especially for Annie and her friends at the orphanage run by Miss Hannigan. But when billionnaire-celebrity Oliver Warbucks requires the presence of an orphan to soften his image, Annie unexpectedly finds a way into his heart. Along the way, Warbucks attempts to help Annie find her lost parents, prompting Miss Hannigan to concoct a scheme intended to get her hands on Annie and Warbucks’ cash.

Meeting Mr. Lincoln
Where: Discovery Theater | National Mall, DC
When: November 8-9
Tickets: $3-8

What would you say if you got to meet one of the greatest presidents of all time? While on an errand for seamstress Elizabeth Keckley, young Eliza finds a barefoot, uneducated country boy sneaking through the White House. Caleb wants to meet his idol Honest Abe—someone who was once like him but who rose to lead the nation. Eliza can help him, but what should he ask when he meets his hero? The audience helps them figure it out, and then in a surprise visit, everyone gets to talk to the president (who’s in the process of writing the Emancipation Proclamation) in this interactive play about identity, equality, and following big dreams. Recommended for ages 7-12.

Black Violin: Classical Boom Tour
Where: Strathmore | Bethesda, MD
When: November 10
Tickets: $26-68

Black Violin is a marvelous modern mix of classical, hip-hop, rock, and R&B featuring the classically trained violin duo of Kevin “Kev Marcus” Sylvester and Wilner “Wil” Baptiste. These exceptional young musicians offer a dazzling display of violin virtuosity as they joyfully create their own genre-bending style of music. It’s fresh and fun, full of funky musical surprises—a whole new way to experience the sound of the violin in all its iterations. At home on the world’s classical stages as well as festivals like Bonnaroo and SXSW, Black Violin offers an amazingly versatile program of groundbreaking compositions.

¡Cajas! ¡Cajas! ¡Cajas!
Where: Imagination Stage | Bethesda, MD
When: November 10 – December 3
Tickets: $14

Two friends use their imaginations to build bridges, birds, a train, a plane, and even a castle from cardboard boxes. Jump inside the world of a child’s imagination! Performances are followed by a “free play” session, allowing the audience to build their own creations using props from the show. Recommended for ages 1-5.

Madeline’s Christmas
Where: Encore Stage & Studio | Arlington, VA
When: November 10-19, December 1-3
Tickets: $15/adult, $10/child

“In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived 12 little girls in two straight lines.” So begins this delightful story of Madeline’s Christmas! Miss Clavel takes the 12 little girls on a series of adventures when disaster suddenly strikes as everyone gets the flu! Everyone that is, except for the ever-resilient Madeline. Saddened that they may not be able to go home for Christmas, the girls and Miss Clavel take to their beds. A jolly visitor in red appears who reminds Madeline and her friends about the magic of the holidays.

Nina Simone: Four Women
Where: Arena Stage | Southwest DC
When: November 10 – December 24
Tickets: $56-119

Velvet-throated songstress Nina Simone hypnotized audiences with her signature renditions of standards from the American songbook. But on September 15, 1963, a devastating explosion in Birmingham, Alabama rocked our entire nation to the core, and from the memory of the four little girls that were lost in this unimaginable tragedy, came “Four Women”—along with Simone’s other activist anthems like “Mississippi Goddam,” “Old Jim Crow” and “To Be Young, Gifted and Black.” Through storytelling and song, Nina Simone: Four Women reveals how this iconic chanteuse found her true voice—and how the “High Priestess of Soul” defined the sound of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Apple Tree
Where: Atlas Performing Arts Center | H Street NE, DC
When: November 15-19
Tickets: $12

The Apple Tree features colorful felt puppets and enchanting live music to tell the story of a woman who lives in the countryside with her lively dog, her shy cat and her cuddly sheep. When she decides to plant an apple tree so she can make a pie for her birthday, the woman is surprised by an unexpected little helper. Don’t miss Beech Tree Puppet’s Atlas debut! Recommended for ages 2-8.

Me… Jane: The Dreams & Adventures of Young Jane Goodall
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: November 15 – December 13
Tickets: $20 (look for a discount here)

Before she was a renowned humanitarian, conservationist, and animal activist, Dr. Jane Goodall was a little girl with a very special toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. Together, Jane and Jubilee went on outdoor adventures and observed all the miracles of nature around them. As they learned more and more on their expeditions, Jane dreamed of spending the rest of her life living with and helping animals. And one day, she would go on to do just that. In this brand new musical adaptation, join young Jane and her special friend as they learn about the world around them and the importance of protecting all living species. Recommended fro ages 6+.

Twelfth Knight
Where: Sidney Harman Hall | Penn Quarter, DC
When: November 14 – December 20
Tickets: $44-102

Shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria, the quick-witted Viola assumes the disguise of a page boy for Duke Orsino and finds herself at the center of an explosive love triangle in which identity, passion and gender all threaten to come undone. Bursting with vitality and romance, Twelfth Night gives us one of Shakespeare’s most remarkable heroines matching wits with a host of captivating characters—from the love-struck Olivia to the puritanical Malvolio. Recommended for teens and up.

Grandma’s Thanksgiving Visit
Where: Discovery Theater | National Mall, DC
When: November 16,17, & 21
Tickets: $3-8

Grandma has arrived for the holiday—and that can only mean making puppets, cooking together, washing the car, and learning lots of fun new things! This musical play with a great big heart brings the whole audience into the family with singing, fingerplay, and call-and-response as we all give thanks for being together. Recommended for ages 3-7.

My Father’s Dragon
Where: Hylton Performing Arts Center
When: November 18
Tickets: $15/adult, $5/child

How does nine-year-old Elmer Elevator rescue a baby dragon held captive on Wild Island? With pluck, chewing gum, lollipop sticks, and rubber bands, of course! In celebration of the 70th anniversary of Ruth Stiles Gannett’s charming adventure book, My Father’s Dragon, Enchantment Theatre Company brings to life the story of a compassionate and courageous boy and his unlikely friendship with a splendid yellow and blue-striped dragon.

NSO Pops: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: November 24-29
Tickets: $29-99

The Harry Potter film series is one of those once-in-a-lifetime cultural phenomena that continues to delight millions of fans around the world. This concert will feature the National Symphony Orchestra performing every note from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Audiences will be able to relive the magic of the film in high definition on a giant screen while hearing the orchestra perform John Williams’s unforgettable score. Recommended for ages 5+.

Where: Kennedy Center | Foggy Bottom, DC
When: November 24-26
Tickets: $29-79

This mind-blowing, next-generation vocal show—the latest sensation from the UK—features reigning world champion beatboxer Ball-Zee and an international cast of vocalists. Gobsmacked! weaves stories through all forms of a cappella, guaranteeing audiences will leave with a song in their hearts and smiles on their faces.

*Know of a great upcoming production not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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