Math Comes Alive at the Smithsonian


Math has never been so sweet!  As you can see, that’s what the promos claim about MathAlive!, a new exhibition opening at the Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center this Saturday, March 10.  And from the descriptions I’ve read and photos I’ve seen, I think it will easily live up to the hype.

The exhibit demonstrates how math works in the context of real life, not just some problems to figure out in algebra class or on geometry homework.  And it presents it in a way that kids will find cool by showing them its uses in things they enjoy, like sports, video games, fashion, robotics and more. Through an array of interactive displays, guests can ride in a 3D snowboard race, operate NASA robotics simulations, design and play their own video games, control a Mars rover, and experience real math at work in everything from nature to music to dancing to movie-making.

I can’t wait to check it out.  And I think my kids will dig it, too.

MathAlive! will be on exhibit at the Ripley Center (the small domed kiosk next to the Smithsonian Castle) through June 3.  Hours are 10am – 5pm daily.  Admission is free.



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