The Elephants are Coming

The circus is coming to town soon, which means another “huge” event is also on the way.  The annual Elephant Walk, the procession of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s biggest stars from the train station to the performance venue, has become a much anticipated yearly tradition for many.

On Tuesday, March 22, you can catch the parade of pachyderms as they travel through DC’s streets.  The walk is scheduled to start at 2pm on Virginia Avenue SE, right behind Garfield Park on Capitol Hill.  The route will take them by the Capitol on Independence Avenue  then down 3rd Street to Penn Quarter, where they will make their way to the Verizon Center.   Here’s the exact course (you can also view it on a map):

  • Start on Virginia Ave SE (By Garfield Park)
  • Northwest on Washington Ave. SW
  • West on Independence Ave. SW
  • North on 3rd St. SW
  • West on G St. NW.
  • North on 6th Street to the loading dock of Verizon Center

*Due to unpredictable train schedules, starting time and route are subject to change.  You can call the animal walk hotline at 1-866-683-3670 for updates.


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3 Responses to The Elephants are Coming

  1. JR

    Please, remember that the Ringling Bros. Circus is well know for its ongoing animal abuse. A lot of it has been documented. Here’s one example:
    I would really think twice before sponsoring the March 22 elephant parade. Or at least inform people about the other side of it…

  2. Thank you for your comment, JR. While I am aware that this is a controversial event, I also know that it’s a much anticipated one, too. I’ve provided the info, and my readers can decide what is appropriate for their families. The link you posted will offer some insight into the other side of things if people wish to learn more.

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