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Enter to Win a $40 Gift Card to We, The Pizza!

Congratulations to KFDC reader, Alexis, who won yesterday’s giveaway of $50 in Save Rewards from Eversave!  We’re now onto our final giveaway of the week.  I saved this one for last, because a contest for pizza credit seems to suit a Friday.  That’s partly because ordering from We, The Pizza has become a Friday tradition for the kids and their friends (and us parents… there’s no way we’d miss out the scrumptious treat).  After the kids’ rock climbing class, we pick up a couple of pies to bring home for a pizza play date and happy hour.  I think I look forward to the pizza as much as much as I do the weekend ahead!

So, I first posted about We, The Pizza back in August, right after the eatery opened.  Spike Mendelsohn’s New York-style pizza shop had been highly anticipated, and I can say with absolute conviction that he delivered on the hype.  I raved about the pizza in my post back then, and recommend with even more fervor now.  After all, it’s been a few months, so I have had plenty of time to sample just about everything on the menu. It’s all delicious.

I do realize that my neighborhood pizza shop is not so convenient for everyone to pop into on any given day.  But, like I mentioned in my last post about WTP, it’s just a few blocks away — an easy walk or even easier Metro ride — from the National Mall, so it’s a perfect lunch or dinner spot after visiting the museums.

We, The Pizza has generously donated a $40 gift card for this giveaway for one lucky winner to spend on anything on the menu.  And even if this contest doesn’t have auspicious results for you, go try the pizza, anyway.  One bite, and you will feel like you earned a prize.

For a chance to win the $40 Gift Card from We, The Pizza, do one or all of the following. Each will count as a separate entry. This contest only lasts for a day — the winner will be announced tomorrow morning — so get your entries in soon!

1 – Leave a comment telling me your favorite place(s) to eat out with the kids

2 – Like KidFriendly DC on Facebook and come back to let me know you’ve done so

3 – Tweet the following message and come back to let me know you’ve done so:

Enter the @KidFriendlyDC giveaway to win a $40 Gift Card for We, The Pizza! More info here: http://wp.me/pPfjF-EJ


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We, the Pizza Lovers

Like many parents, my husband and I are on a neverending quest for good places to eat out with the kids. While we have found plenty that fulfill our family’s dining needs, we are always excited for tasty finds and new openings—especially when they are in walking distance from our house, and even more so when they rock our gastronomic world.

You may have heard about the new pizzeria from Spike Mendelsohn, the former Top Chef contestant who brought Good Stuff Eatery to Capitol Hill. The burger joint has been a hit since it opened, and it looks like its new neighbor and my new neighborhood fave, We, the Pizza, is following suit.

We, the Pizza has barely been open two weeks, and I have already eaten there five times. And if I was a little less concerned about calorie consumption, I can guarantee that number would be higher. Yes, it is that good, in my opinion.

It isn’t just that the pizza is über-delicious (among the top two pizza places in the DC-metro area—again, in my opinion), it’s that good for its mouthwatering pies and several other reasons, as follows:

1 – They sell by the slice. I have never understood why other DC pizzerias haven’t adopted the sell-by-slice set-up that is so ubiquitous in New York. Individual slices mean you can sample different kinds more easily. And you don’t have to commit to an entire pie like you do at many area pizza places. This is great for families who have varying tastes, especially if your kids are not adventurous eaters, but you like to try different toppings. It’s also great if, you know, you just want one slice.

2 – Their toppings run the gamut, from plain cheese to creative combos, and they all make sense on the palate. The Buffalo Chicken Pie is like a basket of wings on pizza crust (in a very, very good way), the White Pie is a perfect blend of cheeses, roasted garlic, and olive oil all sprinkled with parsley (it’s Owen’s fave and high on my list, too), and the For the Greeks in Us Pie delivers all the best flavors from your favorite Greek deli with a nice touch of Italy (tomato sauce and mozzarella), to boot.  And there’s plenty more.

3 – They make their own sodas from a real soda fountain. They actually mix the syrup with the soda water and other ingredients that go in to make them so yummy right there, by hand, made to order. And they have adorable names like “I’ve Gotta Orange Crush On You” (tastes like an orange creamsicle) and “Love You Long Time Lemon Lime” (very refreshing, almost like a tart mojito without the rum). In our experience, both kids and adults love the sodas.

4 – They also serve wings, salads, subs, pasta dishes, and gelato. Good wings are almost as hard to find as good pizza in this town, and now we can find both in one place. And while I probably will never order just a salad at WTP, it’s nice to have some greens with a meal that doesn’t rate high on the healthy meter.

5 – You can sit down at tables upstairs or outside, but it’s not a sit-down restaurant with table service. I find this casual style much easier with the kids. While there is a wait after you order—like Good Stuff, you order and pay, and get a buzzer to let you know when your food is ready—you can seat yourself, grab your own napkins and utensils, and refill your own drinks. Plus, there’s no waiting for the check, so you can pick up and go easily and quickly if the kids start melting down.  Of course, you can also carry out, and delivery and online ordering are coming soon.

6 – You can feed the family for under $20. Just $4 a slice for most pies, $5 for the cast iron pies. And you can buy whole pies, too—$16 for a 14-inch, $18 for a 16-inch.

7 – Forest Shroomin Pie. (Go try it, and you’ll understand why no further explanation is necessary.)

So, can you tell I like this place? If you don’t think pizza is worth a special trip to the Hill, it’s definitely one to keep in mind the next time you’re in the neighborhood or even on the Mall—it’s just a 10-minute walk or three-stop metro ride from most of the museums.

But it is worth it, in my opinion.

We, the Pizza is located at 305 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. The closest metro stop is Capitol South.


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