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Put Some Extra Domesticity in Your Life

When local businesses contact me about checking out their products or services to review here, I try to be discerning about what I cover.  Most important is the relevancy to both my readers and my content.  Will parents really be interested in the business?  And do the products and services tie into my blog?

So, when I received an email that included a press release entitled “Life Gets Easier for DC Residents” my interest was immediately piqued: What parent wouldn’t want life to be easier?  And so I read on and learned about Domesticity, a newly launched DC-based domestic services company. They provide house cleaning, pet sitting, and errand running — all by pre-qualified resources — when you’re in a jam (or even if you’re not).  And soon, they will be offering baby sitting as well.  (The tie-in is here, albeit indirect: anything that helps make life easier allows us to generally enjoy our time more, and that includes time we spend with the kids…)

What really reeled me in was learning that Domesticity Founder and President Erik Metzroth is a dad of a young child himself. And when I had a chance to talk to him further, it was obvious he understands the needs and concerns of parents, that sometimes we can really use that extra bit of help, often at last minute, and we want it from a reliable source. He stresses the importance of finding responsible, pre-qualified, pre-screened and trustworthy individuals, and the company also notes that “peace of mind comes only if you trust the people that are there to make your life easier.”

I had the opportunity to try out one their services and opted for a standard house cleaning (here’s the full disclosure part: it was complimentary, but that in no way affects my opinion). Based on that cleaning alone, the service was truly excellent.  The one-person team arrived right on time, maybe even a few minutes early, and took about two and half hours to thoroughly clean the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, and table tops (a deep cleaning includes much more). My sinks, tubs, and toilets gleamed, the kitchen was back to a presentable state, and the floors were free of popsicle-drip stains that seem unavoidable during summertime. And all supplies were provided by Domesticity, so I didn’t have to worry about having them here. It was all very simple. Granted, I did not go through the process of requesting the service via their website, but all forms look easy enough to fill out, and advance online payment takes care of everything on your end in one fell swoop. Appointments can also be made by calling 202.642.1898.

Domesticity’s tagline really says it all: Keep us in mind when you’re in a bind.  Many of us have our go-to people for much of our domestic needs, but having back-up is never a bad idea.  I, for one, already have them bookmarked.

For more information about Domesticity, visit www.domesticity.pro or call 202.642.1898.

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