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Lebanese Taverna: A Local Favorite for Family Dining


Like many families, we have our go-to restaurants for a meal out together. And by go-to I mean places with menus that appeal to all of us, are welcoming to the kids, and generally make us feel that our dining experience was worth it.


Lebanese Taverna is a go-to for us. Everyone in our family loves eating there — which is pretty amazing given Sasha’s very picky eating habits. The delicious Mediterranean flavors and nice variety of dishes practically guarantee a good meal every time we go. I usually try something different every visit, and have never been disappointed. A Kids Menu offers smaller portions of several Lebanese classics, plus there are many small plates (Mezza) and sandwiches on the main menu that work for children, too.



Owen and Sasha went that route at a recent dinner there; she ordered the Camel Wings (chicken wings with a flavorful spice) while Owen opted for the shawarma (he likes it so much, he gets the regular size). And we usually start with hummus for the table because it’s so good — this, on top of the bread and seasoned oil they bring to each table.



That same visit I tried their boullabaisse for the first time, Levi the salmon, and we both really enjoyed our entrees. I’ve also had the chicken shawarma, falafel, fatteh, lamb sandwich, and a few of the salads on other occasions. (I did mention it’s a go-to, right?) And not only is it a great place to go to with the family, it’s also a nice spot with just grown-ups. We’ve even been to a friend’s birthday celebration party at the Woodley Park location, which was lovely with a great selection of food in a private room.



The ambiance at Lebanese Taverna needs to be noted, too. The restaurants are nice and spacious, with hand-painted tiles decorating many tabletops and big, patterned pillows lining benches. That, and friendly, inviting service make the atmosphere relaxing and comfortable.


And while Lebanese Taverna is one to keep in mind for any time, a perfect occasion to go with the whole family is this Sunday when you can enjoy the Mother’s Day Unlimited Mezza Special. It’s a great opportunity to sample many great dishes and, of course, celebrate the special day. Cost is $37/adult, $15/ages 6-12.


Hungry? Go reserve your table now!

Lebanese Taverna is a family owned and operated chain of restaurants in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland area. The first restaurant was opened in 1979. Today, there are 6 restaurants, 4 cafes, and a market that focus of providing authentic Lebanese cuisine and bringing a bit of the culture too. They have been voted Best Mediterranean Reader’s Choice by Bethesda Magazine and consecutively listed in the 50 Best Restaurants by Northern Virginia Magazine.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lebanese Taverna, but all opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and I only promote places, products, and services that I truly believe in and/or think would appeal to KFDC readers.

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