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Bring Your Baby Matinees at AMC Theaters

Even though I’m well past this stage as a parent, I know there are moms and dads with babies who will be thrilled to know about this program at AMC Theatres: Bring Your Baby Matinees.

The movie series occurring the first Tuesday of every month presents current films in a baby-friendly environment.  That means the lights are brighter, the volume is lower, there is stroller parking, and nobody will blink an eye if your baby cries.

This kind of movie program was a saving grace for me when I was a new mom.  You can read about my experience here — I discussed it a couple of years ago when I introduced a new mommy-baby movie series at another theater in town (it has since ceased). I remember all too well that feeling of self-consciousness whenever Owen cried loudly in public (or what I thought was loud at the time… those baby cries are nothing compared to two- and three-year-old wails).  It was an amazing relief to be in a place where the crying was not only accepted, but expected. Not to mention it felt great to be out and about, doing something I had enjoyed often before I became a mom.

So, tomorrow is the first Tuesday of July, which means the Bring Your Baby Matinee is ON! You and baby can catch a screening of “Rock of Ages” at 12pm in a few locations around the DC area, including Georgetown, Alexandria, Tyson’s, and Gaithersburg. Go here to find a theater near you and to purchase tickets online.

Now, if only an airline would catch on to this concept.

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