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Spectacular Entertainment at the Big Apple Circus

The ringmaster and performers of Legendarium


Tuesday was a day of firsts for our family: 1) Owen lost his first tooth and 2) It was the kids’, as well as my, first time going to the circus.

That’s right, in all my many (many) years, I’d never experienced entertainment under the big top. So, I was probably just as excited as the kids to see the Big Apple Circus perform their new Legendarium show at the Dulles Town Center. And after two hours of thrilling, funny, delightful, and dramatic performances, none of us were disappointed with our first circus venture.

It’s an intimate setting under the Big Apple Circus’ big top; no seat is more than 50 feet away from the ring, ensuring everyone has a great view as the action of Legendarium unfolds. The show recalls early circus traditions and presents them in an old-time setting, but with modern flair. There are trapeze artists, acrobats, a contortionist, “dancing” horses,  dog tricks, stunts on a wire, acrobatics on bicycles, a juggling tango duo, and a husband/wife clown team.  And they were all positively captivating.

Owen’s favorite act was the Dalian Acrobatic Troupe, an all-female team of bicyclists who rode in sync and performed amazing feats while doing so, jumping and flipping from bike to bike and executing perilous poses as their cycles wheeled around the ring.

Sasha loved the horses and dogs, acts that were both awesome and adorable. (And I should note that I was apprehensive about the whole animal part — a big part of why I’d never been to the circus before — but Big Apple Circus assures they exercise sensitivity and respect for their animals. They also mentioned that all of their dogs are rescues.)

All in all, it was a pretty spectacular show. And a great first circus experience for us all.

The Big Apple Circus will be at the Big Top at Dulles Town Center through October 6. Ticket prices start at $25 and can be purchased online or by calling by calling 888.541.3750. You can get a discount on select seats and shows through Goldstar.

If you go:
– Be aware that there is no parking at the Big Top. You park by Macy’s then take a shuttle or walk to the Big Top. It’s easy and convenient, but build in an extra few minutes for it.
– Concessions are available, the usual circus fare — hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, etc. Be prepared to pay to ball park prices (ie, $5 for a hot dog).
– If you’re sitting close in, there’s a chance you could become part of the clown act, but it’s all in great fun and very cute.


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Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to the Big Apple Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, children of all ages… the Big Apple Circus is coming to town and you have a chance to win a family four-pack of tickets to see it live! Lengendarium: A Journey into the Circus Past, a brand new show in honor of their 35th season, will be wowing audiences at the Big Top at Dulles Town Center September 20 – October 8.

Travel back to when circus traditions were born and witness incredible acts that would have had the villagers chattering for days! The courageous mid-air flips and catches of a man on the trapeze! A captivating contortionist whose flexibility is as impressive as her steadfast poise! An agile, adept acrobat and her strapping suitors! A swaying wire act of sure-footed strength and stability! The dizzying delights of a daring inventor in his tumbling, twirling hoop! The stunning, soaring beauty of a pair on aerial straps and a woman held aloft by hanging silks! A jaw-dropping juggling tango team performing to passionate rhythms! Bicyclists whose spinning wheels turn smooth and speedy stunts! Majestic horses with graceful gaits and playful pups with teasing tricks! And what circus would be complete without bumbling clowns who bring the spirit of timeless comedy?! It’s all led by an affable Ringmaster and the great Big Apple Circus Band playing history’s iconic songs! So run away with the Big Apple Circus and relive Big Tops of old in a memorable one-ring show for the ages!

GIVEAWAY: Enter for a chance to win 4 tickets to the show on September 22 at 12:30pm or September 23 at 4:30pm by simply leaving a comment below. To be eligible, you must like KidFriendly DC on Facebook and follow on Twitter (let me know that you did). A winner will be drawn at random and announced early next week. Good luck!



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