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Potted Potter is Pure Comical Magic

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I’m just going to get to the gist of this review of Potted Potter, the Harry Potter parody that condenses all seven books into a 70-minute show. I mean, if the creators can do that, then it seems apropos that I keep this short and sweet, too.

So, in a nutshell: Potted Potter is hilarious! If, like me, you’re a big Harry Potter fan, you likely will love the show. If you don’t know much about the series, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll still enjoy it. (You’re getting a whole synopsis, anyway, right?)

I didn’t know much about the show going into it, just the basic premise that all of the books would be summarized for the stage production, and I was quite curious to see how it would all play out. Turns out the whole thing essentially is a two-man comedy act that does cover the Harry Potter story from book one to book seven, but in a fun, wacky, cheeky (hey, they’re British), unique way. Puppets, masks, Quidditch (with audience participation!), dancing (with a disco ball!), lots of physical comedy, and fantastic improvised moments factored into the show. And the theater was full of laughter the entire time, both in the audience and on stage (I think those guys were cracking each other up, too).

It’s one of those shows you really have to go see for yourself. I promise, it’s worth it. Oh, and Owen and his friend enjoyed it just as much as me. When I asked how they liked it after the show, they practically said in unison, “It was AWESOME!”

Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Potter Experience is on stage at the Landsburgh Theatre through June 21. Tickets range from $39.95 – $99.95. Look for a deal on select seats here. Potted Potter is recommended for ages 6 to Dumbledore.

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to see Potted Potter, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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Enter to Win Tickets to Basil Twist’s “Petrushka”

The Shakespeare Theatre Company is getting ready to welcome world-renowned puppeteer Basil Twist to Washington, DC, as he presents his production of Petrushka, a tragic love story of three puppets at a Russian carnival. The show, recommended for children in third grade and up, will run from March 18-25 at the Lansburgh Theatre in Penn Quarter.

Here is more about the show from the website:  “Petrushka, the clown, falls in love with the winsome Ballerina at first sight. The conniving and rich Moor loves the Ballerina as well, and seduces her with beautiful things. She rejects the earnest advances of Petrushka, who, upset and lonely, confronts the Moor. Have these puppets come to life, or are they merely playing out a story being told?

Reality and magic are woven together by the deft hand of Basil Twist, against the backdrop of a specially created two-piano version of Stravinsky’s original ballet score. Nine hidden puppeteers use a combination of Czech and Japanese techniques to bring the puppets and Basil Twist’s vision to life. The performance opens with an abstract fantasia of puppetry, set to Stravinsky’s Sonata for Two Pianos.”

You can enter to win a pair of tickets to see the show simply by leaving a comment below. Earn an extra entry by liking KidFriendly DC on Facebook, and come back to let me know you did. A winner will be drawn at random and announced at the end of the week.



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