International School of Music: Lessons in All Instruments & Giveaway!

[This is a sponsored guest post contributed by International School of Music.]

Does your child love to sing or pretend to play a guitar? Are they the next Mozart or Justin Bieber?

If your kid loves music — or maybe you want to introduce them to it in a fun way — there is a school whose specialty is just that!

International School of Music, with two locations in Bethesda and Potomac, is the premier provider of music lessons in all instruments and voice to students of all ages and levels. They bring together a community of dedicated, experienced, world-class faculty that offers personalized lessons in piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, flute, drums, saxophone, clarinet, harp, recorder, trumpet, trombone, bassoon, ensembles, group classes, toddler and preschooler music classes and amazing performance opportunities.

Their teaching methods are student-centered and focused on individual learning styles and personal goals to help each student reach his or her full musical potential. With a flexible curriculum that rewards practicing and achievement, their students get to explore music they are passionate about, whether they play classical, rock, pop, jazz, folk, etc. And with our same-time sibling scheduling, the families enjoy convenience and flexibility!

Music lessons teach kids valuable skills that they can carry with them through life. Children practice basic math when they count the rhythm, reading comprehension as they learn how to read music, and creativity as they figure out how to express themselves. Bonus: They also benefit from better concentration, self-discipline, self-expression, and confidence. Even more, all of these skills are mixed in with fun music making!

Check out International School of Music to see how you can book an introductory lesson for your child, try classes yourself, or make it a family affair!

Giveaway! Three KFDC readers can win a half-hour private music lesson at the International School of Music in any instrument or voice with one of their amazing teachers! Want a chance to win? Simply leave a comment below telling me what kind of music your child loves to listen to. Get an extra chance to win by entering on the KidFriendly DC Facebook Page, too! Contest is open to new students only. This giveaway will run through Wednesday, March 11, 2020, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!

For more information about International School of Music and its programs and performances, visit their website.


This post is sponsored by International School of Music, however, I only promote programs, places, and services that I genuinely believe in and think would appeal to KFDC readers.



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14 Responses to International School of Music: Lessons in All Instruments & Giveaway!

  1. Elizabeth Berg

    Eloise loves all music, but especially anything with a good rhythmic drive. Would love lessons with any instrument! Thanks!

  2. Natalie Selzer

    We’re huge Hamilton fans here!

  3. Shanti

    Priya loves music, but somehow has a special affinity for Mozart. We listen to kids music and adult music in English and Italian.

  4. Jean Holman

    All music

  5. Paula

    One of my kids loves the beatles and the other Iron Maiden (!) somehow.

  6. Stella

    My daughter loves classical music, especially piano sounds. And also loves pop music too!

  7. Cheryl

    This looks cool! My kids love anything pop (I played Mmmbop the other day and it was a hit.)

  8. Venus Pagan

    Abdulay is turning seven next week and has asked for an electric guitar. Guitar lessons are on my agenda to be sure that bday gift gets proper use.

  9. Doug T

    James loves a ton of music, but especially Imagine Dragons and the Lego Batman Soundtrack, along with a host of other individual tracks he asks Alexa to play. He wants to learn to play guitar.

  10. Anna

    Marin loves indie dance music. She often hums songs to herself while playing. She is very inspired by all types of music

  11. Carly

    What a fun giveaway! My son loves just about any music, but specifically anything he can dance along with!

  12. Erik

    Zachary loves just about any kind of music but most often requests “violins” (classical) or “country” (Irish folk). I am hoping got ukulele lessons next year but this would be a great chance for him to experience something else.

  13. I love music, it gives food to the soul and brings back memories. I will ask my kids if they would love to enroll on this

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