Enchant Christmas at Nationals Park: What to Expect & Tips for Visiting

If you’re excited about holiday activities, DC is a pretty great place to be this time of year. There are so many fun, festive, and unique things to do around the area to celebrate the season — but not always enough time, energy, and — especially notable at this time of year — money to do everything. Costs add up quickly, especially on top of gifts and other holiday spending.

So, many of us want to be selective about the holiday activities we choose to do. Which is why I’ve been getting lots of inquiries about Enchant Christmas at Nationals Park. DC’s new big holiday attraction apparently is the world’s largest Christmas light maze and market — and somewhat of a splurge for a family of four to visit. A lot of people have been very intrigued, myself included, so of course our family had to go experience it.

I should start by mentioning that 1) I am a sucker for holiday light displays. I always find them kind of magical, whether walking through illuminated grounds or driving along roads lined by twinkling installations. 2) My family received complimentary admission to Enchant, which does alter the perspective since I could just enjoy without wondering if we wasted our money. (That said, I did keep in mind that I would be reviewing it for paying visitors.)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Enchant and tried to go in with an open mind, despite being underwhelmed by other popular holiday spectacles in past years. Things started off well as we walked through the Center Field gate to see a tall, white lit-up tree with smaller light formations nearby. The vibe was warm and festive with lots of people walking by looking relaxed and smiling. And there were dogs — it was a Paws & Claus night, so many people brought their pups along. But it was the scene just beyond it all that took my breath away (remember, I am an absolute cornball about this kind of thing).

The field has been transformed into a beautiful illuminated wonderland, a towering bright white tree the centerpiece of it all with blue, gold, and purple light installations and walls of sparkling holly surrounding it. An icy trail meanders through a section, skaters gliding along. And more people can be seen walking through the glowing landscape below.

We were eager to be part of it all, so after a quick peek at some of the vendor stands, we made our way down to the maze entrance, where we were handed a postcard with scratch off circles. Enchant includes a little adventure to find all of the reindeer within the maze, and you scratch off a circle each time you encounter one. Sasha was very into this, and Owen helped her out (though he was a bit more into Snapping pics — it’s a very social-media-share-worthy event).

Once inside, we wandered around, taking in the sparkling scenes. Some installations are just really pretty to view, others are interactive offering some fun and play as well as great photo ops. And while there are plenty of other people there, it never felt too crowded or chaotic, a benefit of ticketed entry. We spent well over an hour walking around it all — looking for reindeer, getting intentionally lost, and making sure we’d been down every path (that was me, anyway… I didn’t want to miss any neat light displays).

From there, we headed to the rink, though the kids passed on ice skating since they’d done a lot it over Thanksgiving break. But it looked like a lot of fun, the ice trail circling an illuminated “forest” under arches of glittering holly. Skating is included with admission, but rentals are $5/kids & $10/adults, a fee you can avoid if you BYO skates.

A couple of drink stands are on the field area, including the Ice Bar & Lounge, plus roaming hot chocolate vendors for warming up. There are even more food and drink options on the concourse upstairs, Ben’s Chili Bowl and local food vendors among them, so you can grab a bite there (or head to one of several nearby restaurants afterwards like we did).

Also on the concourse is a stage with live entertainment, plus the Christmas Market with over 40 local artisans selling everything from jewelry to art to edible treats to wearable accessories. You can do some holiday shopping, to boot!

Okay, the big question: Is Enchant worth it? My opinion: Yes! It is a splurge, but if you want to do something special with the family, this is a good one. The light displays are quite dazzling, there are multiple activities to enjoy, you can spend a good amount of time there, and it really captures the spirit of the holidays. And maybe not as important, but something about being at Nationals Park during the off-season after the big World Series win adds some extra allure to the experience. πŸ™‚

Enchant Christmas is running at Nationals Park every evening, Christmas included, through December 29. Admission varies by date, time, and age, so check the website for details and see tips below for getting the best deal.

KFDC Tips to help plan for your Enchant experience:

* There is a Family 4-Pack ticket that offers 20% off admission, and you can add on guests as needed.

* Rates vary by date and time, so check out a few different ones if you have flexibility.

* If you have ice skates, bring them to avoid a rental fee (and skate free!).

* Dress warmly — Enchant is all outdoors.

* And since it is all outdoors, it’s worth checking the forecast for the date you want to go.

* Tickets have been selling out, especially on weekends, so don’t wait until the last minute to get them.

* Strollers are not allowed in the maze, only up on the concourse. However, there is a stroller valet.

* There are Paws & Claus nights when dogs are welcome, so if you want to bring your pup or just like seeing them (some in festive wear), check the calendar for those dates.

* Garage parking is available for an extra charge (up to $22), but you can look for street parking in the area — I recommend trying on the other side of M Street and walking a couple of blocks.

* How could I forget? Santa is also there and available for photo ops. Pay for a professional photo, or snap your own for free.



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33 Responses to Enchant Christmas at Nationals Park: What to Expect & Tips for Visiting

  1. Christine

    Thank you for this review! I’d been really wavering on this but I think I’m gonna do it.

  2. Maureen Peterson

    Is it whwmeelchair accessible?

  3. Aldwyn Hamilton

    Thank you for this review and tip on cost friendly tickets! Question – how long would you say to plan for this visit? There are a lot more evening slots available, and so asking myself how long we want to plan for…thanks!

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      It probably depends on how old your kids are and how much they’re up for, but I’d say at least two hours. The maze and lights will take about an hour, plus you’ll want time to explore the concourse, visit Santa, maybe have a snack. If you plan to ice skate, add some time for that, too. Have fun!

  4. Thank you for all the ideas and personal time spent enhancing family’s and children’s lives. My daughter has had more fun because of my following your advice and ideas. Again, thank you.

  5. Mina

    Thank you so much for the lovely review.
    Do you have to purchase tickets in advance or you can just get them at the gate? I am asking this as we can’t predict the weather and traffic conditions in DC…. and trying not to lock the time and miss it.

    • Linda @ KidFriendly DC

      I’m pretty sure you can get them there, but as I mentioned above, they have sold out many nights, so purchasing in advance is a good idea.

  6. Lindsey Sullivan

    Love all the info in your review! Thank you!

  7. Hoku Bollinger

    Thank you for providing a great review. I have 1 -16 year old boy and a 20 year old girl. Will they enjoy this event ?

  8. Christina

    Do you know if the ice trail is real ice or the plastic ice tiles?

  9. Deanna

    Best place to park for this event? I can’t find anything on the website. Thanks! Your article was really helpful!!

  10. Cait

    Be forewarned: don’t expect to skate or get down in the maze/lights area on a sold-out night. I bought 12 tickets to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and the line to skate (unmarked — follow line to Maze) was several hundred people deep within 10 minutes of entry. We left without seeing anything except vendors. Also, they refused to sell me plain french fries without the gravy and cheese (poutine) — said they weren’t allowed to let customers just have the fries, even though I was paying full price ($10). Also, they didn’t respond to email and text questions about the skating waivers in advance. Don’t pay for skate rentals in advance in case you go and can’t get to the ice!!

  11. Wondering if I should get a general admission or VIP pass? Any advise? ( btw, I’m planning to go there on Christmas day)

  12. Meredith

    Are there any standing heaters to warm up?

  13. T.P.

    Went Saturday, it was…fine. Kids liked the maze (crowded, frenetic) loved the ice skating. Again, crowded, with lots of newbies crashing into each other. Had VIP tix — thank goodness. That being said, the ice bar line was horribly slow. Ballpark food on the concourse (meh). It was fine — staff were friendly and helpful, cool to see Nats Park all lit up. Probably much less crowded on weeknight….

  14. Can you exchange tickets if we get them for a night that is pouring rain? And if site says sold out on line will there be any tickets available for walk ups? thanks!

  15. Jessica

    Not a good experience the evening started out well with the maze there were a few people that werent the friendliest but hey thats understandable. The issues started when we took our son to see santa there were about 6 people in line behind us that were highly intoxicated. They were being foul talking about porn and dropping the f bomb left and right you could smell the booze on them. When it was our turn to see santa they tried to push past us and when we told the attendent that we didnt know the people and that they werent with us nothing was done. Then the one guy started yelling at my husband asking if there was a fucking problem and what you wanna fucking go still the attendent did nothing. This isnt something that should be happening in a family friendly environment. As a bartender i know that i would of never served them that much alcohol and if they are going to serve alcohol then they should serve it responsibly. That type of behavior is completely uncalled for and the people had no respect for anyone that was there with their family it was all about them and how messed up they were and how they could ruin everyone elses noght. Went to guest services to complain they pretty much did nothing said they could call the police or give us a 10 dollar voucher for food or drink. They are not doing anything nor are they going to do anything about the drunk people and the foulness at a so called family friendly event.

  16. Louise


  17. Aubrey Kenney

    Amazing review! Thank you. We’ve got tickets to attend this weekend and can’t wait!

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