Giveaway: American Pops Orchestra Presents “A Very Silly Vaudeville” at Arena Stage!

The American Pops Orchestra is returning to Arena Stage with a new show that is sure to delight the whole family! At A Very Silly Vaudeville, famed Broadway tapping duo, Mary Michael Patterson and Cary Tedder, will guide the audience on a journey through APO’s modern take on classic American vaudeville acts of yesteryear. This talent extravaganza will feature magic, dancing, singing and lots of audience engagement.

The entertaining adventure will take place on November 17 at 11am in the Molly Smith Study at Arena Stage. Tickets are $17-32 and can be purchased online here. Of course, you can also try to win them through the giveaway below.

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Giveaway: For a chance to win a Family 4-Pack of Tickets to A Very Silly Vaudeville at Arena Stage on November 17, simply leave a comment below telling me your or your child’s favorite dance move or type of dance. Get an extra chance to win by entering on the KFDC Facebook Page, too! This giveaway will run through November 5, 2018, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!

This post is sponsored by The American Pops Orchestra, however, I only promote programs, events, and places that I genuinely believe in and think will appeal to KFDC readers.


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48 Responses to Giveaway: American Pops Orchestra Presents “A Very Silly Vaudeville” at Arena Stage!

  1. Jenny McCambridge

    The floss and the hype!

  2. Sadie Hendrickson

    Currently, it’s the floss!

  3. Jason Wenrich

    The macerena

  4. Sandy

    The floss is big in our house

  5. Julie

    Grapevine and cotton eye joe

  6. Angela

    My daughter is taking an Irish dancing class right now. Although she loves to floss, too.

  7. Jane

    We like to do, “give it up to the Lord” where we point to the sky and shimmy across the dance floor (or kitchen floor)!

  8. Robert Millwater

    tap dancing

  9. Danielle

    I think my child like the Macarana (sp?) best.

  10. Jenny

    My girls love freestyle dancing in the living room!

  11. Kate

    My three and five year olds are stuck on trying to floss. The attempts are entertaining for all!

  12. Barbara Sacks Singer

    We try and try to do the floss but it seems we aren’t floss ready!

  13. Carrie Treagy


  14. Shelly McKenzie

    Freestyle that involves a tremendous amount of stomping!

  15. Lance

    Our oldest is mercifully moving on from the curse on parents everywhere that is “The Floss,” to the point where I’d now say it’s in second place to “The Shoe.”

  16. Jessica

    The Sprinkler (taught to him by his father)! : )

  17. Aimee

    Our oldest has his own dance moves that he likes to show to complete strangers and our younger daughter mimics after her brother.

  18. Leida M

    The Floss or the craziest silliest dance moves we can think of!

  19. Ann

    My daughter is 4 and her favorite song is Love Lockdown, which she calls La La Down, it usually a car song so it involves a lot of bouncing and hand waving.

  20. Peter

    The Floss all-day every-day

  21. Nicole Christensen

    Right now, my boys love doing “the floss”! 😀

  22. Lori S

    We love breakdancing

  23. Helena M Finnegan

    Alice’s favorite dance move is to kick her leg back with fervor – not unlike the dance Elaine on Seinfeld was famous for!

  24. Michelle Turner

    Our family loves jazz and contemporary dance!

  25. Marcela

    We recently bought some large wings for Halloween so my daughter is loving anything she can flap her wings to right now.

  26. eji

    My almost 4 year old loves to dance what she calls The Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly (aka a combo of freestyle, ballet, jumping, and grabbing an adult’s arms to swing from them).

  27. Jean Holman

    A scary dance

  28. Karene

    Hip hop and step! And tap!

  29. Natalia López-Hurst

    I have three kids and their favorite dance moves are popsicle dance and salsa

  30. Sonja Clark

    My girls (5 year old twins) love to wiggle dance (freestyle with a touch of ballet).

  31. Megan

    It is still all about the floss right now for the kids and they even came up with a toothbrush move. I just like to embarrass them in public with the Carlton. 🤣

  32. Ashley Misitzis

    The time warp!!

  33. Holly

    A whole lot of freestyle wiggle 😀

  34. Rachel

    My two year old loves to “shake booty, shake booty.”

  35. Bernarda Garner

    My kids favorite dance moves pretty much just involve lots of jumping and turning in circles. They do what they can, haha.

  36. Karen Hoerst

    My twins favorite move is a break-dance-like spin on the floor. My oldest’s fave is a upper body rocking motion

  37. RO

    Free style an hip-hop!

  38. Jason

    My youngest child loves doing the “Baby Shark” dance and my older one is into the Floss.

  39. Catherine Rubin

    Disco dancing

  40. Steve

    The floss at age 8 but also tap from a young age

  41. My eight year old flosses all the time, even on the dentist chair (when she was reminded to floss) 🙂

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