A Service to Help You Find the Right Preschool or Private School Fit

As parents, we all want what is best for our kids, but sometimes what we want is not always best for them. This is part of what informs the work of Trevor Waddington, President and CEO of DC School Hub, a comprehensive online resource for families researching preschools and private schools.

For 14 years, Trevor has been a successful director of admission, both in Pennsylvania and, for the last 10 years, in Maryland. He is now taking his deep understanding of the profession and using it to help DMV families find the best education fit for their children.

“I’ve sat on the other side of the table, and now I’m looking forward to helping families find what will set their child up for ultimate success,” said Waddington.

Four years ago, he launched DCschoolHUB.com as a one-stop website for parents seeking child care, preschool, and private school in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. He painstakingly researched and entered all of the data about the schools onto the site. During that time, he learned more and more about the various programs.

“I’ve always been interested in why people choose certain schools. For some it’s what they knew growing up, and for others, it’s what they wish they had. But where families choose to send their children is not always an optimal fit for their learning style and personality.”

So, Trevor set out to create an algorithm based on data from every school in the DMV to use along with the Expert School Match Survey provided on his education consulting website, PrivateSchoolConcierge.org. The school match survey, when taken by families, provides Waddington with prescriptive analytic data that scientifically matches a child to a set of schools. Some of the filters include geography, tuition budget, academic strengths, and long-term goals.

“While it provides me with percentage matching data, that’s only a piece of it. I then look at each school and determine with good old fashioned “admission intuition” which schools will be best for said child.” The results for each family include four to six schools ranked in order of best match along with a narrative about why each is an optimal match.

If you are looking for a preschool or private school in the DMV and would like help finding the right school for your child or assistance navigating the admission process, The Private School Concierge, Trevor Waddington, can help!

You can also learn more and meet Trevor at DC School Hub’s Private School and Preschool Fair this Sunday, October 21!

And a bonus: Right now, they have a “Crack the Vault” contest running with a grand prize of $25,000 that would go toward school tuition. Parents just need to do just one of three things to enter — sign up for the newsletter, like and recommend us on social media, or review their current child care or school. Second place prizes include a full admission season of services from PrivateSchoolConcierge.org.

This post is sponsored by DCschoolHub.com, however, I only promote services, programs, and places that I genuinely believe in and think will appeal to KFDC readers.

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