5 Great Reasons to Attend iD Tech Camp this Summer  

[Note: This is a sponsored post contributed by the staff at iD Tech, an industry leader in STEM education.]

This summer, tens of thousands of iD Tech campers will get hands-on with coding, game development, robotics, and design, making unforgettable memories cemented by fun-filled STEM learning experiences on prestigious campuses.

So, what is it that makes iD Tech the #1 summer tech program on the planet?

Well, since 1999, 350,000 kids and teens have passed through our programs—making friends, learning new skills, and getting prepared for college, internships, and dream careers. In fact, iD Tech alumni often go on to work at some of the nation’s most iconic companies, like Microsoft, Google, and EA.  

What does all of this mean for your student?

With iD Tech programs held at nearby locations like Howard, American, and Georgetown Universities, he or she could very well be the creator of the next big app or huge video game title. Or, maybe they’ll use tech to found a nonprofit and make the world a better place.

We can think of hundreds of reasons why your student should attend iD Tech.  But hey, you have a summer to plan, so here are five of our favorites.

5. Students can start preparing for successful STEM futures.
Did you know over 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled in 2018? Sure, your little one might be years away from thinking about a career, or even college, but when it comes to STEM, there’s no time like the present to plant the seed.


A young mind is free of preconceived notions that can get in the way of wanting to explore something new. Many kids haven’t yet learned to fear failure. Nothing is too challenging. Thus, if they can dive into a STEM program now, they will be that much more prepared than their peers when it comes to grabbing one of the many high-paying STEM jobs down the line.

4. Children will discover that other kids do, in fact, share their same interests!
Everything is better with a friend, right? But even if kids aren’t bringing their best buddy to camp this summer, there is always the chance they’ll make some new pals.

What is the best atmosphere for cultivating such relationships? It almost always starts with being among those who have similar interests.

In fact, we hear the same thing summer after summer — “I’ve found my people” or “I’ve found my tribe.” Students at iD Tech have the uncanny ability to bond with their like-minded peers.

And it’s easy to see why.

When kids are in school, they can easily find others who like sports, thanks to the opportunity to join athletic teams. They can also find fellow math-minded students in their algebra classes or in after-school clubs. But coming across others who also want to learn to code? Or who share an affinity for building Minecraft mods? It’s a bit more difficult.

Camp, and iD Tech specifically, provides an ideal environment for making new friends. Students sign-up for a specific course in coding, whether it’s with Java, C++, Python, or another language, and are surrounded by other students just as eager to learn this new craft. This goes for all course areas, whether it’s coding, game development, robotics, or design.

3. Plus, they’ll have the chance to learn something they might not ever come across in everyday schooling.
When you hear things like “learn” or “prepare for the future,” you can’t help but think of school. We get it.

But, we call it summer camp for a reason. We even go as far as to describe the iD Tech environment as “un-school.” That means guaranteed small classes, personalized learning, and hands-on projects. It also means music blaring, outdoor games and activities, campus exploration, and gaming tournaments during down-time.

And instead of teachers, there are course instructors who act as mentors — passing along knowledge from their experiences as educators or tech professionals. Many even started out as students at iD Tech and have returned to pay their skills forward to the next generation!

As is regularly the case, your student might even discover something that inspires and motivates them to keep learning after camp. Meaning, they enter the summer as a consumer of technology – from apps to video games to social media – and leave with the skills and inspiration to become creators and producers of those very same things.

2. Not to mention free pie! Wait, let us explain…
In addition to celebrating Pi Day at our main office, we’re also known for our pie-your-instructor days out at camp! Students work hard all week to earn raffle tickets, ultimately leading up to the chance to pie their favorite instructors. Along with gaming tournaments, dress-up days, outdoor fun, and more, pieing is another pillar of our one-of-a-kind camp culture.

1. And finally, it’s an opportunity to experience the absolute best summer ever.
Sure, iD Tech is the largest and most trusted camp of its kind. With 50 innovative courses, the best industry-standard software and hardware, a unique camp culture, and an unmatched lineup of prestigious campus locations, we can’t be topped.

But at the end of the day, everything we do is centered around providing the ideal environment for that uber-important STEM skill-building we mentioned above. Parents across the nation and around the world agree that we’ve nailed the recipe for the best summer ever!

And, hey, here’s a bonus! Exclusive to KidFriendly DC readers, you’ll receive $75 off when you register with the code KIDFRIENDLYDC18 by May 31, 2018. Courses sell-out quickly, so get started by registering online or call 888.709.8324 for personalized course recommendations. And once signed up, you can make unlimited updates to your registration up to three weeks before your session.

This post is sponsored by iD Tech, however, I only promote programs, places, and services that I genuinely believe in and think would appeal to KFDC readers.

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