Avaaz Memorial to Children Lost to Gun Violence

Today at the U.S. Capitol is a powerful and poignant memorial to children killed by gun violence. Seven thousand pairs of empty shoes are lined up on the southeast lawn, representing all of the kids we have lost to guns since Sandy Hook in December of 2012.

The installation, the work of the organization Avaaz, is intended to make a visual statement to Congress about gun control. I personally think it’s a strong one.

The shoes will only be there until 2pm today, which is much of the reason I am blogging about something so temporary. It’s a remarkable, impactful visual that should be preserved for all to see.

Thank you to everyone who donated shoes and helped spread the word when I posted about the call for shoes last week. The efforts and actions, big and small, of everyone makes a difference. (And I should note that I’m not part of this organization and can’t take credit for any of this, I just gladly shared their request and photos I took of the results of their work.)

Here are some more images of the memorial, but if you can get to the U.S. Capitol by 2pm, it’s definitely worth seeing in person. #neveragain

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