Get $25 off Google Express and Run One Less Errand


As a blogger, I get tons of requests from businesses to try out services and products and share my experiences and opinions on KidFriendly DC. I’m selective about what I choose to review. It needs to be something that truly will be of interest to many readers, that is useful or enriching, and somehow relates to the focus of my blog.

When Google Express invited me to an event to learn more about their business, I RSVP’ed with a “yes” immediately. I was aware of the shopping service and thought it sounded like a very convenient time-saver that busy parents could appreciate. However, I hadn’t yet tried it, so wanted to find out more and meet some of the folks behind it. (And full disclosure: The event at the amazing Jefferson Hotel included cocktails and dinner, plus a chance to mingle with other local bloggers, which is always fun.)


Google Express is an online shopping and delivery service. And while they may not be the first to do this, what they offer is unique. They have a variety of local stores from which you can buy items — Costco, Giant, Babies R Us/Toys R Us, Ulta, Staples, Walgreens, Logan Hardware, and more — and they deliver same day or next day. Think about it: You can cross a lot of to-dos off your list with a 10-minute online session.

I left the event at the Jefferson with some great gifts, including a promo code to try out Google Express. Excited to use it both because I was curious abut the service and running low on some of my staple groceries, I was on the website within a couple of days filling up my shopping cart. Not only did I get items I wanted from Costco and Giant, I was able to pick out a present for an upcoming birthday party from Barnes & Noble. Satisfied with my selections, I began the check out process.

And this is when I hit a little snag; I couldn’t complete my check out. Instructed to contact customer service by email, I did just that and got a quick response. It took a few back and forth communications until we finally figured out there was a technical glitch related to my specific promo code. So, I’m being honest and letting you know that it wasn’t the smoothest of check-outs. But, they were extremely responsive and also gave me a credit to make up for the inconvenience. And, really, it only took a few minutes of my time to work that out, way less than it would have to go to three different stores to buy everything myself.


The delivery was scheduled for the next day with a few-hours’ window. You can require that someone be home to sign for it, or you can opt to have your packages left and give instructions if you want them placed in a certain spot. Our order arrived on schedule, and I received an email that they had been left, which was great since I was down the street at the time.

One minor glitch, but overall a good experience. I can say for sure that I will use Google Express again and recommend it as well. Hey, the time it saves you can instead be spent enjoying activities and events you read about here. 🙂

If you’ve never used Google Express and want to try it out, use the code EXPRESSDC to get $25 off your first order. This is only good for the first 2,500 shoppers to redeem it and expires July 31, so start shopping soon! And, currently, you can get the first three months of the service for free, after that it’s $10/month. Also important to note: Right now, they only deliver to DC addresses. So if you don’t live in the District, maybe you can use a work or friend’s address for delivery.


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  1. Jennifer

    just tried the code and it didn’t work 🙁

  2. Jennifer – this issue should be resolved – I’ve been testing it for several days now, and “EXPRESSDC” should work as a code (up until 2,500 shoppers have tested it). Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!

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