Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to Tomorrowland at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center!


Tomorrowland, a PG-rated sci-fi film starring George Clooney, opens at the National Air & Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center this week, and you have a chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to see it!

From Disney comes two-time Oscar® winner Brad Bird’s riveting, mystery adventure Tomorrowland, starring Academy Award® winner George Clooney. Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius Frank (Clooney), jaded by disillusionment, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as Tomorrowland. What they must do there changes the world—and them—forever.

You can experience the film in the Museum’s recently upgraded Airbus IMAX® Theater, featuring the new IMAX® laser projection and 12 channel sound system as well as the largest IMAX® screen in Northern Virginia.

Showtimes and tickets are available online. You can also purchase tickets at the box office or enter below for a chance to win them.

The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is located at 14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway in Chantilly, VA. Admission to the museum is free. Parking is $15, but free after 4pm.

Giveaway: For a chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to see Tomorrowland at the Airbus IMAX® Theater, simply leave a comment telling me your child’s favorite Smithsonian museum. The tickets are good through June 11, 2015. To be eligible, you must like KidFriendly DC on Facebook. This contest will run through this Friday, May 22, then a winner will be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Smithsonian Enterprises, however, I only promote services, events, and programs that I truly believe in and/or think would appeal to KFDC readers.


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82 Responses to Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to Tomorrowland at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center!

  1. Pete

    My kids like Air and Space!

  2. Yasmeen

    My kids actually love the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. We were there recently for the anniversary of the Hubble telescope and met some astronauts. We always have a great time there.

  3. Jennifer McChrystal

    My son loves the Air and Space museum. But, be still my heart, his second place museum is the Nat’l Gallery of Art.

  4. Abid

    My daughter loves the Natural History Museum. She loves animals.

  5. Isma'il

    We love the Air and Space museum.

  6. Iman

    Does the zoo count? 🙂 We really like the Natural History Museum. I think we’ll try the Postal Museum this summer.

  7. Carrie Grimes

    My children love the Udvat Hazy Air & Space Museum for many reasons. They live seeing the space shuttle, experiencing the simulators, and have on many occasions had a chance to hear docents talk about the history behind these planes and aircrafts. Plus they like to hear about our family history – their great grandfather helped to test and pilot the Regulus middle there. For us grow ups, I love the fact it is close to home and I don’t have to maneuver as big and as many crowds as I do in the one in DC.

  8. Alexis

    My daughter loves the National Museum of the American Indian. Last weekend we watched Hawaiian dancers (per your recommendation!) during the Hawaiian Cultural Festival and had a blast! Great Rec!

  9. Jen

    My kids love air and space! We’d love to see tomorrow land!

  10. AFenia

    My son loves the Air & Space and the castle just because it looks like a castle.

  11. Her favorite museum thus far is Air and Space. Thanks for all the awesome content and giveaways!!

  12. My children have loved so many things in the Smithsonian museums that it is very difficult for me to pick a favorite one…so here are some highlights of our visits:
    Natural History museum: the geology department and the rock collection, the bugs zoo with the bee hive, the mammal exhibit and the movie with the monkey
    Air and Space museum: the planetarium, the flight simulators
    African museum: the African masks exhibit
    and in all of them the stores where they got everything from crystal growing kits to kites…..

  13. GG

    We love the National Museum of the American Indian. They always have good programming. We went to the Bolivian Pachamama presentation. My daughters are half Bolivian so it was great to show them a bit about their culture. Second favorite is Natural History for the of the gems.

  14. Jess

    Definitely Air & Space for us!

  15. steve

    American History for one, American Indian for another. Both have great stuff for kids to see.

  16. erin

    We LOVE the Udvat Hazy Air & Space Museum. We’ve been a bunch of times since moving to the area!!

  17. Rima Patel

    My son loves Natural History Museum and American Indian Museum.

  18. Liz

    My daughter seems to like the Natural History museum the best, but she’s still young her taste changes constantly!

  19. Shelly Parker

    My son’ favorite is Natural History. He immediately runs to the Coral Reef because it reminds him of Finding Nemo.

  20. Kara Eyrich

    My 3 year old loves tha National zoo where he goes through all the exhibits naming all the animals and correcting me. “That’s an Alpaca Mommy, not a Llama.” His favorite animals are the Pacu fish.

  21. Heather

    My son likes Air & Space best. My daughter likes the Natural History Museum.

  22. Heather

    My 2 year old really enjoys the Natural History Museum right now.

  23. Julie

    We love the National Museum of the American Indian. Bonus is the great food!

  24. Brooke

    Air and Space, though they regularly ask for the Museum of Natural History.

  25. Monique

    Both my Son and daughter just adore the National air and space museum. my son Mekhi is 7 and daughter Janiya is 9. They love the hands on so much. Anything that keeps them busy I love! Mekhi really loves everything science. So he has a million and one questions everytime we go (about 4 times a year lol). Janiya loves the store with the astronaut food. We are DC Natives and love everything DC. Thank you for your time

  26. Jackie

    My son loves the Air and Space museum, but then anything that has to do with science is a real winner. My daughter loves going to the Natural History museum and seeing all of the animals. Course recently the American Indian has been a huge draw for both. They love going into the wigwam for a movie and trying all the awesome food in the cafeteria. We will go there just for lunch and end up staying there all day. We are so lucky to have the Smithsonian to expose our kids too.

  27. Kate Newmyer

    My son’s favorite is the Air & Space Museum and my daughter loves to Natural History Museum.

  28. Netta Carroll

    We love the Air and Space museum.

  29. Demetria

    My daughter loves the Air and Space museum.

  30. Deonna

    My GodDaughter likes Natural History Museum.

  31. Kristen

    They love air & space, but we just moved to the area and are looking forward to checking out more soon!

  32. Melanie C

    My boys LOVE the Smithsonian National Zoo, specifically the new Elephant House. They love visiting the elephants, the Farm animals, and the Great Cats! ROAR! Our second favorite is the Natural History Museum (more animals)!

  33. Deborah

    My grandsons absolutely love the Air & Space museum!

  34. Domanique

    My kiddo loves the natural history museum.

  35. Sarah C.

    My son loves the American History Museum – specifically, the transportation exhibit. He’ll be 4 in August and will spend hours (literally) just running back and forth through that exhibit!

  36. Vandana Matravadia

    My 8 yr old loves Q?rius in natural history!

  37. Amber G

    My kids love all of them, but Air & Space might be their favorite!

  38. Jessica

    So many museums and to narrow it down to my kids’ favorite….so hard! It’s a trifecta toss up (truly) between the National Zoo, Air and Space (I personally like Udvar-Hazy better) and the Postal Museum. Now if you’re asking me what my favorite is…….

  39. Eliana Abreu

    My daughter’s favorite Smithsonian museum is the Air & Space out by Dulles.

  40. Meena

    My boys ages 10, 11 have a special bond with the Smithsonian Natural History Museum for the past 3-4 years, after watching, “Night of the Museum”. Museum visits and websites help enhance their knowledge in history and geography. We live in Northern VA and consider being fortunate for the wealth of information and knowledge offered by the Smithsonian!

    Also, thank you for putting together this mailing list. Our family enjoy spending time together and I always check your emails for new things we can experience. Sometime back you had emailed about the Laurel, MD indoor rock climbing place and we plan to take our children as a birthday gift (we do not do tangible gifts any more and believe that family activity creates lasting memories)

  41. Elizabeth

    My daughter loves Natural History Museum, National Gallery of Art and American Indian Museum

  42. Jeannine

    Both Air & Space Museums (Chantilly and downtown) are my son’s favorites!

  43. Reagan Holmes

    So many! We love the Air & Space on the mall, and the American Indian. We also had a nice visit to the National Portrait Gallery a couple of months ago.

    Such a fun, giveaway, thanks! It would be a great excuse to get out to Udvar-Hazy!

  44. doreen

    Both kids love the Natural History Museum the most because of their Q?ruis classes!

  45. Barbara Sacks Singer

    My son loves the Natural History Museum!

  46. Diamond

    My kids and I love the Museum of Natural History!

  47. Meena

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  48. Matt

    Bugs and butterflies and Natural History

  49. Matt

    Bugs and Butterflies at Natural History

  50. Marie

    Air and Space for the Little Man and Natural History for his little sister….but variety is always nice! A chance to visit any of the Smithsonian Museums gets a hearty thumbs up!

  51. Bob

    Favorite museum is the Air and Space Museum.

  52. Patti

    My kids love Air and Space Museum! ✈️

  53. Traci Rindy

    Our favorite part of the museum is the shuttle.

  54. Ani

    My kids’ favorite Smithsonian museum is the Natural History Museum, or as they used to call it, the “dinosaur museum”.

  55. Danielle Werchowsky

    We like the Natural History Museum.

  56. Lane Windham

    We love the American Indian Museum.

  57. American Indian Museum

  58. Rakel Shideler

    We are a military family and have lived here since last Summer. My kids love the Natural History Museum. Thanks to your great site we have been able to find so many wonderful places to explore in the local area. Love exploring! Feel so very fortunate to live so close to such a cool city. Keep up the great work!

  59. mayra griggs

    my kids love the American Indian Museum

  60. dawn

    My son’s favorite is actually Udvar Hazy. Last time we went to the Observation Tower, he didn’t want to leave!

  61. Brenda brown

    My sons favorite museum is the National History Musuem and my daughters is national gallery of art

  62. Tiffany Mayhew

    My 4 year old daughter loves the National Museum of Natural History!

  63. Kelley Hartnett

    We are taking our oldest son to DC for the first time next week, so his favorite is yet to be determined, although I will venture to say it will probably be the air & space.

  64. Mike Hill

    Favorite SI Museum is hard, because we’ve been lucky enough to have a kid who literally ‘grew up’ in SI.

    As a small child we were lucky enough to have our daughter in Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center (SEEC) which cemented her love of museums. Almost every day, she got to go American History or Natural History. These were her playgrounds, and she got used to combining learning and play.

    My wife works at Air and Space, and so her pride in the family programs that her mom creates led to Air and Space becoming her second favorite museum. But she has always been an ‘arts kid.’ So I would have to say that the Portrait Gallery / American Art are her favorites. It’s the place we go on hangout days to walk through the fountain in the courtyard and see the Indian Paintings and visit her “marble ladies” on the second floor. Ultimately, the whole of SI is our favorite, and we are blessed to have access to such a wonderful, free resource.

  65. Darla

    Postal Museum surprised us last week so I will put that one down as the kids current favorite

  66. Mark Toy

    My kids love the air and space museum. Especially the steven udvar-hazy.

  67. Jennifer Curtis

    My 4 year old loves the museum of natural history!

  68. dorice

    Natural history museum is our favorite! 🙂

  69. Mary

    Natural History is my daughter’s favorite!

  70. marcela rivera

    The natural history museum and the air and space museum are always fighting for first place in my family.

  71. K.Nicole

    The Portrait Gallery is a favorite of ours. It’s open when the others aren’t and has lots to see!

  72. Jennie

    My daughter Lily loves the doll house at the smithsonian American history museum

  73. Leslie

    My daughter’s favorite has always been the Natural History museum. As she gets older, she has begun to appreciate them all, including especially a recent trip to the National Museum of African Art.

  74. Lisa Derisigmeyer

    Natural History fans here! My son loves the jewels.

  75. Erika

    Natural History for sure. We always seem to get lost (in a good way) in there for hours.

  76. Sharry

    The favorite here would be American Indian and Natural History. The arrowhead and spearhead collections as well as the gem room are our favorites.

  77. Rob E

    Udvar-hazy is our favorite.

  78. kyoko

    Natural History Museum! We were there this afternoon.

  79. Emilie

    The Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum!

  80. Amber

    We love the Natural History Museum!

  81. Emily

    Our youngest likes Natural History– lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

  82. EmilyP

    I have a 3 year old and a 10 year old. It’s hard to find a museum that fits them both, but they both really enjoy the Udvar Hazy museum.

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