Where in DC?


It’s time to test your knowledge of DC sites (or your attention to detail, anyway)! If you think you know where this photo was shot and want an opportunity to win a prize, tell me the location in the comments — and be as specific as possible.

Everyone who answers correctly will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a voucher for Four-Pack of Tickets to the National Capitol Trolley Museum.

The contest will run through tomorrow, January 16, and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter. Good Luck!


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13 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. CTA transit car #6719 at the American History Museum (it’s in the “America on the Move” exhibit).

  2. Dawn Horan

    Is that the sign on the train in the transportation section at the Museum of American History?

  3. Brent Lepp

    It is CTA car 6719 at the National Museum of American History.

  4. Jay

    Yes. It’s an exhibit in American History Museum!

  5. Steve Arrington

    National Museum of American History, bottom floor, in the America on the Move exhibit. There’s a CTA train permanently stopped at the station. What’s cool is that they have a projected image of people getting on and off. My kids and I have spent plenty of time just sitting there and watching the video. My wife is from Chicago and we had fun looking at the old fares.

  6. Cara Shirley

    National Museum of American History on the L train!

  7. Julie

    National Museum of American History in the Transportation Exhibit, bottom floor. My kids love running around on this train!

  8. E Jin

    Is this on the subway car exhibit on the first floor on the American Art Museum?

  9. Joyce

    The National Museum of American History.

  10. Jessi

    American History Museum, “America on the Move” exhibit (CTA car)

  11. Ani

    Yup, it’s my boys’ favorite part of the American History Museum – the On the Move exhibit, the CTA train #6719.

  12. Clara

    American History Museum in the transportation exhibit.

  13. Josh

    American History Museum 100%!

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