Giveaway: Enter to Win a Toy Cupcake Bakery from Sprinkles!


One giveaway ends, and another begins! (Congrats to KFDC reader, Kelly V., winner of The Nutcracker tickets).

This time the loot comes from one of my very favorite places to treat the kids (okay, and myself) in DC: Sprinkles Cupcakes. Only this prize doesn’t come loaded with calories like their scrumptious goodies. The Georgetown store is now selling a toy cupcake bakery, part of a new line by JAKKS Pacific of mini play environments created through collaboration with top consumer products.

The Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery has Christmas present written all over it. They will be available for purchase at the Sprinkles Georgetown store for $15. You can also enter the giveaway and try to win one.

Giveaway: For a chance to win a miWorld Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery signed by Sprinkles Founder Candace Nelson, simply leave a comment telling me what your child hopes Santa will bring this Christmas. To be eligible, you must like KFDC on Facebook. The giveaway will run through the end of this week.

Good luck!


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38 Responses to Giveaway: Enter to Win a Toy Cupcake Bakery from Sprinkles!

  1. Barbara Sacks Singer

    cupcakes, of course!

  2. Jessica

    Reagan is hoping shes getting skylanders from santa and zachary is hoping for a spiderman and the movie Super Buddies.

  3. Rachel

    Well, we don’t have Santa at our house, and the Hanukkah fairy has come and gone. 🙂 But our Sarah already got a play kitchen for Hanukkah that she LOVES, and a cupcake bakery would go very well with it!

  4. Janet

    Little J would love anything having to do cooking for her toy kitchen or to help me out in the kitchen. She wants to be a chef when she grows up.

  5. Michelle Mermelstein

    Cupcakes!! This would be a wonderful surprise for the holidays!

  6. Sarah

    My little one wants the moon! We are getting him Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room.

  7. Nikki Chaffin

    She’s just hoping it won’t be a lump of coal. 🙂


    She wants this! lol

  9. Angie Jackson

    My son wants Santa to bring him a new bike.

  10. geraldine

    a princess castle

  11. She wants Santa to bring her a cellphone:@) Thanks for all of the amazing giveaways!!

  12. Colleen Dahlem

    She wants a real bunny, but isn’t getting one!

  13. Kelly D

    My daughter wants dolls and a play kitchen.

  14. Kat

    My kids want Legos

  15. My kiddos want books and lots of building and engineering type toys. Yay!

  16. Jennifer Park

    My almost-three-year-old son is hoping for Thomas the Tank Engine and friends. But I’m entering this giveaway because he also loves to “bake cupcakes” for us using his toy blocks!

  17. Jessica

    Santa doesn’t stop by our house and my kids got their fill of presents during Hanukah. I, however, would like to make a request of Santa; I am still a kid at heart so it kind of counts right? I would like Santa to bring the gift of patience to answer the never-ending litany of “why” questions that I am besieged with lately, 4 more hours in the day, 6 more arms so I could better multi-task, and the motivation to get myself to the gym on a regular basis.

  18. Sophie Du

    An “elephant” is what a five years old wanted. He meant the true one. 🙂

  19. Emily

    Trucks, trucks, and more trucks! But my son also loves using his play kitchen.

  20. Jamie

    My 4 year old is really into Transformers…just like Daddy used to be. My 2 yr old actually did ask for cake!

  21. I think my son would be happy with anything, as long as he gets to unwrap it.

  22. Clara

    One wants a Babe Ruth baseball card and the other a bat cave

  23. Yvonne

    My daughter would be happy with just a box to play in. 🙂 But I know she’ll be excited to just rip apart the wrapping paper and play with whatever is underneath!

  24. Dani

    My daughter wants a remote-controlled monster truck from Santa.

  25. Shalyn

    My little girl would love this! 🙂

  26. Zhenya

    One of my kids would love one of these!

  27. My daughter wants a Ferbie and arts and craft items for Christmas. 🙂

  28. Danielle Fuller

    The plastic cash register hidden behind our headboard that she’s already discovered! We blew it!

  29. lori

    adopting a dog and cat

  30. Tara

    My daughter wants a remote control car!

  31. Jennifer

    My daughter has been getting reeeeally into putting on her whole get-up — apron, chef’s hat, etc. — to bake with me lately, so I think she would love this! But what she has asked for is a miniature watering can. 🙂

  32. Robin

    Anything Thomas!

  33. Kerianne Hoth

    My daughter really wants this cupcake bakery toy, but we don’t live by a Sprinkles.

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