Where in DC?


As promised last week, the “Where in DC?” game is becoming a regular feature — and contest — on the blog. Be the first to correctly guess where this photo was snapped and you could win a prize. This time the reward will be TWO of these Certifikid deals for a 4-Pack of Waterpark Tickets to the location of your choice in Northern Virginia.

Simply write your guess in the comments. The contest will run through tomorrow, July 6. Good luck!

And congrats to KFDC reader, Cristina, who won last week’s contest. Just about everyone who guessed got it right, but she was first!


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12 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Jackie Peters

    The Game Fish at the Renwick Gallery.

  2. Derek

    Renwick Gallery!

  3. Mychalene

    It is the eye of the Gamefish at the Renwick Gallery.

  4. The native American Museum

  5. Jess Belford

    Bedazzled in DuPont Circle

  6. Wendy

    American History Museum

  7. Lauren

    Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian

  8. Laura Steichen

    Smithsonian castle

  9. Patricia Rothweiler

    Renwick Gallery! 🙂

  10. Jessi

    American Indian museum

  11. Stephen Roberts

    Larry Fuente’s Game Fish is at the Renwick Gallery, second floor.

  12. Min

    eye of the game fish at Renwick Gallery

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