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Dinner awaits

Dinner awaits

I always have the best intentions to have dinner ready before The Witching Hour arrives. And you all know what I’m talking about: That time between wrapping up the main part of the day and starting the wind-down with the evening meal, when crankiness consumes the entire house (seriously, even my cats start whining) and everyone, felines included, are demanding to be fed rightnowthisverysecond!

But as hard as I try, it seems I’m frequently a few steps behind and just can’t get it together fast enough to avoid the communal meltdown and prepare a fresh, healthy meal for everyone. The solution, more often than I’d like to admit, is usually a Trader Joe’s dish that I keep stashed in the freezer for those very Witching Hour emergencies that can be ready in a few microwavable minutes. That, or take out, which usually ends up being pricey if I try to keep it healthy.


So, when scratchDC asked if I’d like to try them out, I happily took them up on it. scratchDC is a relatively new service that delivers fresh, locally sourced, organic ingredients for a meal to your door. All of the prep is already done — ingredients are chopped and measured to just the right amounts, which saves you tons of time and extras from going to waste. An easy-to-follow and fun (it’s written in a clever, conversational tone) recipe is included, so all you have to do is a little cooking and, voilà!, a fantastic dinner is ready in about 15 minutes (the one I cooked was, anyway).


You can choose meals by the day, so I opted to try the Buffalo Chicken Tacos w/a Corn & Black Bean Salad, because it sounded like something we’d all enjoy (actually, most of the meals sounded scrumptious, but that was on the menu on the day that worked best with our schedule). I set up a delivery time with scratchDC, it arrived as scheduled, and just before that dreaded time of day, I set to work on the meal.


Everything came in a cardboard box, labeled, and tied neatly with a piece of twine. Inside, the ingredients were tidily packaged, each in its own little plastic container or bagged and wrapped in butcher paper. My part of the preparation couldn’t have been easier — I just had to dredge the chicken in a flour and spice mixture, saute it in a pan for a few minutes, then add the buffalo sauce.


And that’s something else I have to talk about: The recipe itself was original and creative. I’ve made chicken tacos aplenty, and we’ve even made our own buffalo wings a couple of times, but I’ve never thought to fuse the two. Along with tomatoes, lettuce, avocados, and cheddar cheese for toppings were bleu cheese crumbles and celery — all delicious combined together in a tortilla. Oh, and while the chicken was cooking, I “made” the salad by simply mixing the onions and container of black beans, corn, red pepper, and dressing into a bigger bowl. Dinner done!


The real test came when the kids tried it, and they both gave it a huge thumbs up. Even Sasha, one of the pickiest eaters I know (and also camera shy sometimes and wouldn’t let me snap a shot of her enjoying a taco), loved it.


Even better than just great tasting, easy-to-make meals, is the scratchDC service itself. I love that you don’t have to subscribe to a certain number of meals; you can just order for the day you need, even on that day up until 9pm, as long as supplies last. Plus, all of their ingredients are locally sourced as much as possible; if they can’t get it nearby, they will get the best organic product they can. And you can read all about where the food is from — on the back of every recipe, is a “where’s it from” section that lists all of the ingredients and their sources. And did I mention that two balls of raw cookie dough are included in each package? Treats after dinner – yum.

Our meal was on scratchDC, but usually costs $27, and the majority of their meals fall within the $23-30 range. I should mention that the boxes are meant to serve two, but I found them to be very generous portions that served our whole family just fine. Of course, you can just order a second box if necessary, though I think a family meal that served four would be a pretty great addition to their offerings (hint hint, scratch!).

The scratchDC website has even more info, including video, about their service.

Disclosure: As mentioned, we received our meal compliments of scratchDC, however, I only promote activities, events, and services that I sincerely enjoy and think would appeal to KFDC readers.

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