Enter to Win Tickets to “I Love Lucy Live on Stage” Coming to the Warner Theatre


4/30/13 UPDATE: This show has, unfortunately, been canceled.

“Luuucy, I’m home!” Imagine stepping back in time and into the Desilu Playhouse soundstage! It’s 1952 and you are a member of the studio audience awaiting the filming of two hilarious and familiar “I Love Lucy” episodes. A charming host entertains and enlightens you to the behind-the-scenes filming process, the 1950s hi-fidelity technology and this brand new thing called ‘television.’ The episodes begin and you witness firsthand the sidesplitting antics of that crazy redhead in the Ricardos’ New York apartment and the Cuban sounds of “The Ricky Ricardo Orchestra” at the famed Tropicana Nightclub. In between scenes? The Crystaltone Singers perform live advertising jingles of the show’s newest sponsors in perfect ’50s style harmony. Can you say ‘Brylcreem’?!

I Love Lucy Live on Stage,” the brand new hit musical stage show adapted from the long-running, beloved television program, starring Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel: America’s favorite foursome, is coming to DC for the very first time at the Warner Theatre from June 1 – June 14. It premiered in Los Angeles in 2011 to stellar reviews, prestigious awards, and sold out crowds for its initial five-month run. And it’s recommended for audiences young and old (though I think older children would likely enjoy it more).

Many performances will take place over it’s two week run every day of the week except for Monday. Tickets start at $40.

GIVEAWAY: I have a four-pack of tickets up for grabs to the show on Tuesday, June 4, at 8pm, perfect for a double date night or a special late evening with the kids. For a chance to win the tickets, leave a comment below. To be eligible, you must “like” KidFriendly DC on Facebook, and you can earn an extra entry by following on Twitter. This giveaway will run through next week, and a winner will be drawn at random shortly thereafter. Good luck!


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47 Responses to Enter to Win Tickets to “I Love Lucy Live on Stage” Coming to the Warner Theatre

  1. Angela

    Looks fun!!

  2. Jayaram Udayakumar

    We love to get tickets! Thanks!

  3. Gabrielle Goggin

    My 10 year old daughter, Emmy, is a huge Lucy fan! Our family loves watching I Love Lucy shows together and it’s so much fun seeing Emmy experience them like they’re new episodes of her favorite show. Seeing “I Love Lucy Live on Stage” would a huge thrill for all of us!!!

  4. Mychalene

    As always, another fabulous recommendation! Of course, I’d love the tickets…but one way or another I will have to take my daughter Lucy (who is a huge fan of the I Love Lucy) to the show!

  5. Jen

    I would love to take my mom as a Mothers Day gift!

  6. Rajae

    I’d love to win these tickets! Sounds like tons of fun!

  7. Oh man, how exciting is this! I’m such a huge lucy fan!!

  8. Follower on Facebook – Rheanna Christine

  9. Following via twitter @RheChristine

  10. Cindy

    Date night idea! Love it.

  11. Michael Brady

    If I don’t win, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do Luceeeeeeee.

  12. Cara

    I love I Love Lucy! I watched it with my mom when I was little and I bought it on DVD so I can now watch it with my daughter.

  13. Manjusha

    Would love a date night!

  14. Maria elliott

    Love Lucy!

  15. Rita

    I love lucy! I have seen every episode and own all of the DVD seasons! It would be sooo great to win tickets!

  16. Cara

    Just signed up for a Twitter account to have a second chance.

  17. Frances

    Need an excuse for a date night!!

  18. Nicole

    I am a huge fan of I Love Lucy and would love to win these tickets! I “Liked” Kid Friendly DC on Facebook. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. Adam

    I would love to go!

  20. Victoria

    Oh Wow, that is my husband’s birthday!! What a fun way to celebrate if we win the tickets:)

  21. Christine

    I want to win!

  22. Ievgeniia

    “I love Lucy” is a step back in time that fulfill you with joy and laughter.
    I would love to get a tickets to the show since I am sure it will brighten your and my day. We all need to cheer up a little)))

  23. Liz

    I would love tickets!!! My mom got my kids hooked on it when we went to visit her. Thank you!

  24. Natalya

    Pick me! Would love to see it and so would my mother in law. Thank you, thank you!

  25. My Sister & I grew up watching this show, it was our late night treat. I Live here in Maryland and she is in NY, if I win the tickets I will fly her in for MY Birthday which is in June, to celebrate and go to the show with me. It would be great for us!

  26. Allie

    Thank you! I also am a follower on Twitter

  27. Stacy

    Would love to see the show!

  28. Janel Yablon

    It was my mothers Bithday on April 23rd and we are celebrating on Sunday. Sure would love to surprise her with these tickets….she’s a huge Lucy fan!!! Thanks

  29. Jill A

    Wow! Super fun. Would love to win. Thanks.

  30. Kristen Gorman

    My email address says it all! I am nuts about “I Love Lucy”. I own almost every episode. My bathroom in my previous house is decorated in “Lucy” decor and my favorite pj’s are “Lucy” lounge pants!

  31. I loooove Lucy! And I would so love to go to this show! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  32. Audrey

    Oh my goodness, I would love to take my mom!

  33. Zoe Woodson

    OMG! OMG! OMG! My kids are OBSESSED with I Love Lucy. They ask to watch it on Netflix every.single.day. I grew up watching it every chance I got and saw every episode multiple times. We are REALLY excited this is coming to Warner.

  34. Sarah

    oooo – this sounds perfectly divine – thank you for the chance! and thank you for all of the wonderful ideas…

  35. Patricia Rothweiler

    I Love Lucy is my favorite….even named my dog after her!! Would love to see the show with my husband for a much needed date night!

  36. Sonia

    I would love to see the show and enjoy a much needed date night.

  37. Tina

    I can’t get enough of your feed! So many great ideas!!

  38. Clara

    Thanks for your blog. I will like on facebook

  39. Adriana Byers


  40. Drea Taylor

    This looks fun!

  41. Cheryl

    How lovely!

  42. Sarah B.

    What’s not to love? Sign me up!

  43. Brittany Joseph

    Love to win these tickets! It would my anniversary even more special.
    Thank you,

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