How to Train Your Dragon Live in DC this July (Giveaway & Discount, too!)

Big things are coming to the Verizon Center this July, and I mean that both figuratively and literally.  We’re talking two-and-a-half ton, 46-foot wing-spanned, soaring-around-the-arena, fire-breathing big. And I have a feeling many a kid’s mind will be blown.

It’s the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular. Yes, the live version of the hit movie that transports kids to the mythical world of Dragons and Vikings. This in-person production comes from DreamWorks Animation and Global Creatures, the masterminds behind the “Walking with Dinosaurs” phenomenon that has wowed audiences around the world. Here’s an official description of the show:

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular breaks every rule of theatrical entertainment to fully immerse audiences into the show in ways that have not been attempted before. Barely contained within the arena, How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular utilizes the full venue, maximizing every dimension of the performance space to transport audiences into a mythical world of fire-breathing dragons who soar overhead at great speeds. The state-of-the-art animatronic technology and large-scale cinematic projections interact seamlessly with the live actors, who bring DreamWorks Animation’s heart-warming story to life through theatrical storytelling, martial arts and acrobatics.

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular will be at the Verizon Center  July 19-22. Ticket prices range from $29.50-$69.50 (excluding fees). And KFDC readers can get a 25% discount on weekday performances, including Friday nights, by entering the code MOM in the promo box that says “MOMMY BLOG.”

A limited number of premium seats and special VIP ticket experiences and family packages are also available — click here to purchase tickets, for showtimes, and more. And for a really big experience, checkout these three amazing VIP packages

GIVEAWAY: You can also enter for a chance to win 4 tickets to the show on July 19 at 7pm by simply leaving a comment below. Get extra entries by sharing this post on Twitter (be sure to tag @KidFriendlyDC). A winner will be randomly drawn and announced next week. Good luck! (Note: This giveaway has ended.)



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63 Responses to How to Train Your Dragon Live in DC this July (Giveaway & Discount, too!)

  1. My youngest daughter will absolutely LOVE this show! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Marily

    How cool! My daughter loves How to Train a Dragon.

  3. Anita

    My niece will be visiting from out of town during that time, would love to take her and my son to see this together 🙂 Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  4. Deborah G.

    We love the movie and the kids would go crazy to see it live!

  5. ADSinNoVA

    Sounds like a great evening, even worth getting through 66 eastbound at 6pm! 🙂

  6. Torey

    Looks like a great show! My kids love the movie.

  7. Katie

    We’re big fans of the movie, going to the live show would be great fun!

  8. Heather B.

    My son would love this! He just loves “How to Train a Dragon”!!

  9. Erin O.

    Looks great! My son was too young to enjoy Walking with Dinosaurs when it was here a couple of years ago, so this will be perfect! Thanks for the discount code!

  10. Mark

    Would love to go!

  11. Anna

    My daughter would love this!

  12. Katie

    Our family are big fans– of How to Train your Dragon as well as KFDC! Thanks for the info about this show.

  13. ERin

    The boys are going to love this! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Dawn W

    This would be awesome!

  15. Sarah

    This is my son’s newest favorite movie! He is allowed to watch one show a day and it is either this or “Finding Nemo!”

  16. Sharon

    This looks awesome! My kids would love to see this! They loved the movie! Thanks for a great idea!

  17. Jim

    This sounds awesome! My kids would love to see this!

  18. Thanks for keeping us updated on all the great activities in dc! My boys love them!

  19. danielle

    we’d love to win tickets!

  20. Holly Rasmussen

    How cool, we’d love to win some tickets!!

  21. Rebecca

    I already saw it like a year or maybe 2 or 3 ago

  22. Fearless girl

    It was the best movie ever! I rate it 5 stars

  23. Melinda

    Dragons are a girl’s best friend!

  24. Dana

    This show looks awesome!

  25. Emily

    My boys love love love how to train your dragon!

  26. Renata

    This sounds like fun!

  27. Alexis

    My kids would really enjoy this!!! Hope I win! 🙂

  28. Angie

    I think my whole family would enjoy this performance. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Antonette

    The movie was magical and beautiful. I would love to see this impressive live action performance.

  30. Stephanie

    Sounds great!

  31. liz

    That sounds fun!

  32. Lindsay Hoffman

    What fun! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!!

  33. Margaret Wan

    This looks like great fun!

  34. Steph

    My kids would love this.

  35. liv

    this show definitely looks fun and already my non-parent friends have been talking about it too!

  36. Tina

    WOW! this show looks great! my kids would love to see it! fingers crossed!!!

  37. Tina

    (BTW, I am so glad I found your site. I can’t tell you how much time I have wasted looking for things to do with my kids on the weekend and during the week! you have saved the day:) I will be sure to share your site with my other mommy friends too).

  38. We would love to see this! Thanks for the info on it!

  39. Meg S

    This looks so fun!

  40. modupe

    My son will love this.
    Thanks for the information.

  41. Asia

    My four kids and I would love to see this live! We just moved to Maryland from Pennsylvania and would love to have a reason to go to DC!

  42. Sharmi

    We be great to get to go!

  43. Samantha Nangia


  44. Vandana bharadwaz

    Love ur blog.. Great to have a heads up on activities for the kids! Thanks!

  45. Lisa L

    Sounds fun! Would love to take my kids to see this =)

  46. Veruska

    I cannot wait for this!!! It looks awesome an my son would love to go!!!!!

  47. Sarah B

    I hope we win! I saw this on the Today show this morning, looks amazing!

  48. Ashley

    This sounds terrific! A favorite movie for my son and daughter!

  49. Jamie Smith

    My son is a huge fan of the movie. Astrid was his first crush. He would be beyond thrilled so see the live show and his sister would love it as well.

  50. Hsin

    Oh wow, my daughter would be thrilled! 🙂

  51. kristi

    Please enter me to win tickets. Thanks.

  52. Stumbled across this live show on LivingSocial, and knew that my kids would love it! We can’t wait to see it. Hope we win the tickets!

  53. Cindy B

    My boys love HTTYD. Can’t wait to see it live!

  54. Ally.Hill

    Awesome! My girls love the movie, and so do their parents!

  55. Sammarria

    Thank you so much for the information my kids will love this!!

  56. Maya

    My 6 y/o would love to see this show.

  57. Anya

    My son watched the movie and he loved it. I’m sure he’d love to watch this show.

  58. Brandi Hammen-smith

    My kids would love this..even my lil girl loves Dragons !

  59. dawn robetts

    My daughter would love love love this

  60. Fred J

    Thank you for posting this…

  61. Adam S

    Love the site! My Dragon trainers are itching to see the show while it is in town.

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