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Who says book clubs have to be an adults-only activity?  Not Deidre Sonner, founder of the Thoughtful Literacy Book Club, a program designed to encourage kids to read more and get more out of their reading experiences.

A public school teacher also working on her Master’s in Literacy at John Hopkins, Sonner believes that children have unlocked potential waiting to be discovered and wants to help them learn to communicate it. Sonner organizes book club classes, where children have the opportunity to use their skills obtained in one-on-one tutoring and school by discussing and challenging themselves and peers to thought provoking questions. Students learn not only to communicate their own ideas effectively, but to appreciate and internalize others’ opinions as well. From the most advanced to struggling reader, there is a place in each book club for children to grow and thrive.

Classes meet weekly at local libraries or community centers centrally located to students; once a book club is formed Sonner seeks out an appropriate location. Students are grouped by grade level (2nd – 6th grades), with five to eight kids in each class to create an ideal setting for discussion. Book clubs are $20 per class, which includes books and all other materials needed, and run in six-week sessions.  If a parents forms their own book club by bringing together five or more students, their child participates free for the session.

For more information about the program and to register, visit the Thoughtful Literacy Book Club website.



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  1. Silvia Delgado

    I am interested in book clubs for children. I was happy to find this article, however the links for visit the Thoughtful Literacy Book Club website lead to a expired domain. When I try any of the links that apparently are for children book club it just drive me to a page full of commercial links.
    Could you please verify where is this book club located and correct the links? I am really interested, I could not find easily any book club for kids. My 3rd grader is asking me to join one but we could not find one for kids in McLean Va area.

  2. We joined a kids book club when our son was just 6 months old, and have read at least 30 minutes for him every single day, and clearly observe how far ahead of others he is now, so I highly recommend getting started as soon as possible. Other parents have found A New Book Every Month a great place to start.

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