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I check in with my blogroll all the time, but it’s been awhile since I’ve dedicated a post to sharing some of the interesting, informative, and inspirational content that I’ve discovered on my blog-hopping ventures.  Hence, this one covering a few recent reads I’ve enjoyed, from a revived food blog to a seasonal craft to lessons for DC newbies…and some other good stuff in between.

First, I have to give a shout out to my friend, Lea, at Gourmet Mommy.  She just resurrected her blog after several months’ hiatus, and I’m so happy she did.  Not only are there lots of recipes for scrumptious dishes, Lea also offers great tips and ideas for families with young children, like preparing meals for parents and baby using the same main ingredient, getting several meals for the week out of one food prep, and making the most of seasonal produce.  And I can say after many an awesome gastronomical experience thanks to Lea, that she definitely knows her stuff!

If you’re looking for a cool craft for the kids, No Monsters in My Bed has a really nice idea that also takes advantage of the outdoors and the season — preserving fall leaves.  It starts with a walk to gather autumn foliage, then some fun at home with either beeswax or mod podge (the latter will likely be my choice).  Once the leaves are dry, kids can get even more creative in deciding how to display them.

Halloween is right around the corner and a topic on several blogs lately.  Go Out & Play offers some alternative locales for trick-or-treating in NOVA as well as a few events for kids happening this week.  The Hill is Home also has details on another fun-sounding event happening at Garfield Park in Capitol Hill. And the Post’s On Parenting blog has expert advice on how to handle Halloween candy. (And in case you missed it, I recently posted a big list of DC-area Halloween events for kids.)

Next time you plan to visit the memorials on the Mall, be sure to check out this DC Like a Local post first. Prompted by the controversy over a misquote on the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, it points out many inaccuracies of some our most prominent attractions. Armed with this knowledge, you could really impress some out-of-town guests when you take them on a memorial tour.

Finally, So You’re New to DC has a great list of 11 DC lessons learned the hard way. It’s perfect advice for newbie Washingtonians as well as a good chuckle for us veteran residents.

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  1. Thanks for including No Monsters!!

  2. Thanks for the New to DC shout out!

  3. Thanks for shout out to On Parenting. Loved your list of Halloween events — most comprehensive that I’ve seen!

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