Enter to Win $25 Worth of Admission to Boogie Babes Shows!

Congratulations to KFDC reader, Rochelle, who won the 4 tickets to any Smithsonian IMAX or Planetarium show.  It’s now Day 2 of my anniversary giveaways, and this time the loot is for the younger set.  I have announced many a Boogie Babes show, both on the blog and through the social networks, so it seems only appropriate to include them among the prizes this week.  (To skip to contest entry, scroll down.)

And not only do I post about the shows, I’ve been enjoying the fun, cozy music sessions with both of my kids for years.  We began going to Boogie Babes shows when Owen was just two years old; I’m pretty sure we actually attended the very first one.  It was an instant hit here on Capitol Hill, filling a void in kids’ entertainment that previously was lacking in the neighborhood.

We have Boogie Babes founders, Amanda Clarke and Kara Morrisey, to thank for that. Both moms to three adorable kids each, they started organizing the performances when they recognized the demand for closer-to-home musical activities. They were very well-received from the start and have maintained a steady following since. And their fans aren’t just from the neighborhood — families come from all around the area to boogie along.

As for my kids, Sasha is now a regular at the shows — you might even say she’s a Boogie Babes groupie. (All I have to do is say, “Mr. Skip,” and she starts shaking her sillies out.)  But it’s not just Sasha that digs the shows; I’m a huge fan, too.  The tunes are fun, the vibe is relaxing, and seeing the kids “grow” with the music over time is pretty incredible.

Most of the shows take place on weekday mornings with an occasional happy hour performance.  But I’ve just learned that a Saturday morning show will take place at Eastern Market’s North Hall in March (and will, hopefully, become a regular gig), so working parents can get in on the fun, too.

2013 UPDATE: Boogie Babes shows now take place three times a week! Attend them Wednesdays at Union Market, Thursdays at Eastern Market, and Fridays at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. All shows begin at 10:30am, and admission is $5/child, free for siblings 6 months and under. (Note: They are taking vacay August 2013, but will resume shows in September.)

Now, onto the giveaway. The Boogie Babes have generously donated a $25 punch card (5 at $5) that one lucky winner can use towards any Boogie Babes shows.  Admission is usually $5/child, though happy hours are $10/family, in which case you can use two punches.

Leave a comment telling me your kids’ favorite local music performer. And, if they don’t have a favorite, just leave a comment.  This contest only lasts for a day — the winner will be announced tomorrow morning — so get your entries in soon!


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20 Responses to Enter to Win $25 Worth of Admission to Boogie Babes Shows!

  1. Katy

    Mr. Skip is Thatcher’s favorite – especially when he mis-sings ABCs!

  2. Lindsey

    Jack doesn’t have a favorite yet, but I know he will soon.

  3. Lisa

    My son loves the guitar and drums. Activities like boogie babes bring out his natural talents and encourage that creative expression. We both love it!

  4. Kate Williamson

    We love Mr. Skip!!!

  5. Janell

    We love Mr Skip too–best at Marvelous Market during Happy Hour! 🙂

  6. jackie

    My daughter’s favorite local artist ins mr. Skip!

  7. jackie

    My daughter’s favorite local artist is mr. Skip!

  8. Emily

    My son’s favorite is a tie between Mr. Skip and Brigitte (we’ve only heard her solo, not with Dawn)! Yay for Boogie Babes bringing all of us some fabulous tunes!

  9. naomi

    we haven’t been to a boogie babes show before, but are excited to try out the Saturday performance. our local favorite is ms. Audrey.

  10. Susan

    We love Mr. Skip and the happy hours at Toyland!

  11. Jaclyn Davidson

    Ella loves Mr. Skip!

  12. G Alan

    It’s a toss up between Brigitte and Dawn and the fan favorite Mr Skip. Hank just loves boogie babes! Looking forward to the Saturday performances.

  13. elizabeth

    happy hours at Toyland with Mr. Skip–pure nirvana for all.

  14. M

    Mr.Skip & many others. oh susannah, banjo man…

  15. Amber

    The Banjo Man has just eclipsed Mr. Skip in William’s world.

  16. Laurie

    My boys enjoy the blue-grass vibes of local group, Dead Man’s Hollow. (MoTH, Amy Nazarov, is a member)

  17. Robin

    We love Mr. Skip!

  18. Djanira Murchison

    My son Victor lives John Henry, he even won a CD after one of his performances in MD.

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