Review: Little Red Riding Hood & The 3 Little Pigs at The Puppet Co.

Look out, Kanye.  The big bad wolf is rapping, and he’s pretty dope.

When I asked Owen to tell me his favorite part of Little Red Riding Hood & The 3 Little Pigs, he immediately replied, “The wolf!”  And when I asked him why he said, “Because he’s so funny and so rock and roll!”  Okay, maybe my sweet boy is not quite up on his music genres, but I know what he means and I completely agree.  The wolf was definitely the star of the show.  And the show (what I saw of it, anyway) was very cute—a nice fusion of two classic fairy tales, brought together by the big bad rapper.

That’s right,  The Puppet Co.’s version of the wolf rapped his lines, and I saw plenty of audience members, both young and old, grooving along. And he had us adults chuckling, too, with great side commentary on issues like the environment and arts education.

So, my disclaimer here is that I only got to see about half of the show.  At 19 months, Sasha still gets a little antsy sitting through entire performances, so she and I played in the lobby area, where I could check out the show on TV monitors, while Owen stayed in the theater with friends.  From what I could tell, the second half was just as fun and groovy as the first.  And Owen and his friends emerged laughing and talking about—yup—the big, bad rapping wolf.

To comment on more than the wolf, the production was very well done, as most of the Glen Echo shows are.  The puppets were adorably crafted, the scenery set the story nicely, and the puppeteers gave the characters, well, great character.

The show is recommended for children ages 3 ½ and older, and I would agree with that (though my friend’s 11-month-old baby sat mesmerized through the entire production).  You can catch Little Red Riding Hood & The Three Little Pigs through September 5.  Showtimes are Thursday & Friday at 10am & 11:30am and Saturday & Sunday at 11:30am & 1pm.  Tickets are $10 each for ages two and up.

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