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Reserve Your Spot for Hand Cut Portraits by Master Silhouette Artist Karl Johnson!


Plan ahead for a perfect Mother’s Day gift!  Master Silhouette Artist Karl Johnson is once again hosting hand cut portrait sessions just for KidFriendly DC readers — timed to be ready for moms’ big day.  On  Monday, March 28, and Wednesday, March 30, from 12-7pm EST, he will be creating silhouette portraits virtually via Zoom by appointment.  Each one takes about 10 minutes, and all ages are welcome — even the youngest, squirmiest ones!



Sign up here, and be sure to reserve a time slot for each child. (Note that they are listed as Pacific Time, so be sure to add three hours for EST when you put it on your calendar.)  Silhouettes are $35, and duplicates and frames are also available.  Portraits will be shipped for free well in time for Mother’s Day — but, of course, they make sweet gifts for many occasions.


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Mom Takes the (Cup)cake

Owen shows off his cupcake artistry

Blogging has its benefits, and sometimes they are extra sweet. One of those occasions was a couple of days ago when I had the opportunity to bring Owen to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown for a cupcake frosting session. What a treat! Not only did I get to savor some samples myself, but my lucky kid got to create all kinds of cupcake tops with both big and mini cupcakes of assorted flavors, four varieties of frosting, two colors of sprinkles, and a big selection of fun sugar decorations to top it all off.

Kids get their cupcake on in Sprinkles' party room

I was invited to this event at Sprinkles Cupcakes along with other local bloggers as a special Mother’s Day celebration. It was a chance for us to see their party room in use and learn about their upcoming Mother’s Day promotion, the MOM Box, which each of us got to take home.

So, there you have the disclosure, and now here’s my honest opinion:  The MOM Box rocks. I just received it on Monday (it’s now Wednesday), and it’s already gone. Granted, my family indulged with me, and I shared many cupcakes with friends, but I had to do that or I would have eaten every single one of those scrumptious treats myself. They were as delicious as the Box was beautiful. Dark chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and lemon cupcakes were topped with either sprinkles or sugar decorations (with daisies or spelling out MOM).  And if I hadn’t been so hasty about digging into the box, I would have has the sense to snap a photo.  Instead you can see what it looks like on the Sprinkles website.

The special Mother’s Day MOM Box will be available in the store May 6-8, and you can pre-order it online for easy pick-up.

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