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Make the Most of a Spin Through the New Hot Wheels Champion Experience

[Note:  This post was written by KFDC Contributor Emily Moise.  She always has excellent recommendations for kids’ activities around the DC area as well as products for little ones and more — see all of them here.]


The Hot Wheels Champion Experience is now open at Tysons Corner Center, offering 16,000 square feet of interactive gaming “challenges” for all ages. With a Hot Wheels-loving four-year-old, we were more than excited to get a first look at this digital, hands-on experience (emphasis on digital). If you plan to go, think Gen Z Hot Wheels and get ready to game.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your experience…


Go with Hot Wheels-type enthusiasts. My six-year-old daughter zipped through every activity in about 45 minutes and was ready to go. My four-year-old son wanted to circle through his favorite activities again. With like-minded buddies, he could have spent two hours there.


Make sure a few adults in your group are revved up to participate. Register yourself along with your kids at check-in, and jump right in with them—there are lots of spots to fill in the activity spaces. Also, the staff doesn’t provide much guidance—you’re on your own kid!


Geek out at the technology. Kids won’t bat an eye at the level of technology they are using, but the advanced gaming capabilities are what make this experience unique. There are plans to rotate the theme of the space while utilizing the existing technology.


Don’t race through the Hot Wheels Designer activity. Speaking of technology, this was some of the best. Kids can color a vehicle on paper, scan it, and then bring it to life on a touchscreen with the magic of their own finger! My daughter took her time with the details and it paid off.


Complete all 10 activities (“challenges”) and don’t forget to scan in! After completing the experience, you can view your challenge highlights on a center console. These will be emailed to you as well. Make sure kids scan their own wristband before entering every activity.

Read more FAQs here and view more of my experience here.

Hot Wheels Champion Experience
Where: Tysons Corner Center | Tysons, VA
When: Open daily with tickets available through February
Admission: starts at $25/ages 3-12 and $32/ages 13+ | free/2 and under


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What to Expect Behind the Doors at Disney Encanto x CAMP D.C.

[Note:  This post was written by KFDC Contributor Emily Moise, a local writer and mom of three young children.  She always has excellent recommendations for kids’ activities around the DC area as well as products for little ones and more — see all of them here.]


The word “immersive” is thrown around often these days, so going into the Disney Encanto x CAMP D.C. experience, I had modest expectations. Those expectations were blown away! It was some kind of Disney World meets Broadway dreamland, and it is the definition of immersive. Here’s what you can expect…


Live musical performances. Forget front row seats at the theater…be a part of the show as you sing and dance along with the cast of characters. Expect to hear all of your favorite Encanto songs, and get reeled into the fun by lively performers and guitarists.


Intricate sets with integrated play structures. You’ll feel transported to the real Madrigal casita with its’ magical doors and vines of roses. Multiple slides, spinning chairs, rocking donkeys, and more are seamlessly incorporated throughout.


A guided tour with Disney-level staff. Arrive ahead of your ticketed time so you don’t miss any of the action. You will be led from room to room, performance to performance. But you are also allowed to roam free, explore, and pretend play with the characters.


Endless photo ops. Forewarning: the lighting is tricky, but you will still get so many great photos. And the performers will help you! There is also a family photo room as you exit the experience—these photos can be printed at an additional cost


A once-in-a-lifetime experience, perhaps. While the new CAMP toy store and party venue is now a fixture at Tysons Corner Mall, the immersive show space is rotating. Expect five months of Encanto before it transitions to one of these: Trolls, Bluey, or Little Mermaid.


You can read more FAQs here, and view more of my experience here.

Disney Encanto x CAMP D.C.
Where: CAMP at Tysons Corner Center | Tysons, VA 22102
When: Grand Opening December 8 with dates through April
Admission: Starts at $32; free/age 1 & under | Purchase tickets in advance

[Note:  You may have seen this included in the KFDC Holiday Gift Guide — surprise the kids with a visit here in 2024, since December is mostly sold out]


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