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Rattle & Reel Program On Hold

There have been a lot of questions about the Rattle & Reel program that began at the E Street Cinema back in May, mostly whether or not it’s even happening anymore.  I just received word that it has been put on hold for a few months. Apparently, they had a great turn-out initially, but attendance dropped off quickly.  They plan to relaunch the program in the fall and hope to get moms and dads (and babies) back in the theater.  I will post an update as soon as I get confirmation on a start date.

In the meantime, you can get your movie theater fix with baby in tow at the Arlington Cinema ‘n’ Draft House on Tuesdays at 1:30pm when they have their Mommy & Me Movies.  Cost is $5.50/adult (dads invited, too), kids are free.  Movies are second run, and the schedule is determined weekly.

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Big Screen Baby

Remember that movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves? Not “Speed,” but the one that jumps back and forth in time and is completely unrealistic and ridiculously sappy? Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t. It’s called “The Lake House.” And I actually liked it, absurd time-traveling storyline, saccharine movie moments, Keanu’s acting, and all.

But there’s a little background to this: It was the first movie I saw in a theater after Owen was born, as well as Owen’s first movie in a theater…ever. It was one of those Reel Moms matinees that used to play weekly at the Georgetown Lowes—a special showing where babies were welcome, so moms could enjoy a flick without worrying about finding a babysitter, timing feedings, or bothering other moviegoers with a wailing infant. And for someone like me who went to the movies regularly in my pre-child days, it was a couple of hours of luxury during the chaos of a huge life change and anxiety of being a new parent. They probably could have shown “Glitter,” and I would have sat mesmerized, eating up every bit of dialogue and planning my own Oscar campaign for Mariah Carey.

Georgetown no longer hosts the program, but the concept is not lost forever. If you’re a movie-buff parent at home with with your new babe and you’re jonesing for a multiplex fix, here’s some good news: The E Street Cinema is getting ready to launch its Rattle and Reel program. Starting this Wednesday, May 19, the theater will host special screenings for caregivers and babies every week at 11am. This week’s showing is “Please Give,” described as a “perceptive—and devastatingly funny—take on modern life’s contradictions, good intentions and shaky moral bearings.” Tickets for adults are the regular $10 price (free admission for babies), and can be purchased day-of at the box office. (SUMMER UPDATE: The Rattle & Reel program is on hold until the fall!)

And E Street isn’t the only theater extending the infant invite—Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse does a Mommy & Me “second run” movie showing every Tuesday at 1:30pm. Tickets are $5.50 for adults, babies are free. The movie schedule is determined weekly. And despite the name, dads are more than welcome, too. (JANUARY 2011 UPDATE: Arlington Cinema Drafthouse no longer does the Mommy and Me Movies.)

In Silver Spring, the Regal Majestic 20 has the Movie Mom’s Club every Wednesday around 12:30pm. Call 301.565.8884 to find out what’s playing.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


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