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Go Textile

It’s funny how you can live in a place for years and be completely unaware of an attraction that’s probably something you’d love if you knew about it. I’ve been a DC resident for nearly 15 years, but didn’t even know the Textile Museum existed until a few months ago. And that is thanks to a friend’s visiting mother who told me about her tour of the galleries. Go figure.

So, I still have yet to pay a visit there, mostly because I’m not sure the collections would hold my babes’ attention at this point (and I just haven’t had a chance to check it out on my own), but they occasionally have events specifically for kids. And one of those is taking place this weekend. The museum is hosting its monthly Arts for Families program tomorrow, July 17. From 2pm – 4pm, kids can explore the world of repeat patterns by decorating their own bandannas with prints using sponges and quick-fast inks (all materials, including smocks, provided). No reservations are required, and the activity is free. Even better, participants get to take their personally designed bandannas home with them.  Recommended for ages 4-12.

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