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Get on Your Soap Box

Okay, maybe you won’t be getting on a soap box, but plenty of young folks will be this coming Saturday, June 19. Now, I’ve seen a lot of interesting things go down around the U.S. Capitol Building—protests, parades, motorcades, evacuations, my husband on a sled during Snowmaggedon—but nothing like the spectacle that’s about to happen this weekend: The 2010 Greater Washington Soap Box Derby. I’m not sure how I’ve missed it, but apparently the cute motorless cars have sped down the Hill before. Regardless, this is something I want to see and am sure my kids will appreciate, as well. I particularly can’t wait to see Owen’s reaction. It will be like “Cars” in people form for him.

The Derby will take place on Constitution Avenue, between New Jersey and Louisiana Avenues. From 8:30am – 5:30pm, drivers between the ages of 8 and 17 will speed down Capitol Hill in their little wood and fiberglass carts at pretty high speeds (I read they can accelerate up to 50 mph). Racers will compete in three divisions—stock (ages 8-14, cars weigh up to 110 lbs), super stock (ages 10-17, cars weigh up to 150 lbs), and masters (ages 10-17, cars weigh up to 170 lbs). Race winners will go on to compete in the World Championship Soap Box Derby in Akron, OH, later this summer.

If your gang is free, stop by and cheer the kids on. Then check off yet another fascinating thing you got to see at the Capitol.

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