Jump (and Play and Flip!) for Joy at Flight Trampoline Park


It took a gray, rainy day for us to finally get to Flight Trampoline Park in Springfield, but we definitely won’t wait for another one to go back. In a nutshell, it’s a blast.


The huge space resembles a skate park, with an industrial look of exposed pipes and cinder block walls sprayed with graffiti. But where you’d find ramps, rails, and concrete to facilitate skills and tricks, there are… yep, you guessed it, trampolines. Everywhere. There are small squares, longer rectangles, trampolines on inclines in dodge ball and basketball areas. You can jump onto them from platforms, and also from square to square. You can jump just to see how high you can go, do flips, land on your bum and bounce back to your feet, or jump-dance to the blaring pop music.


It was crowded when we were there — it was gray day, after all, — but there was still plenty of room to bounce safely. Flight Trampoline caps the number of tickets they sell for each session, so it doesn’t get too congested.


Kids need to be at least 46″ tall to jump in the main area, but there is a whole section for smaller children with bouncy ramps and a foam block pit. Sasha is tall enough to play in both spaces, but spent most of her time in the kiddie area with a friend, which was plenty fun for them.


Adults are welcome to join in the fun, and I highly recommend it. Not only is it exhilarating, you get some exercise, too! But if you want to relax while the kids are playing, there are benches around, even some couches in the kiddie section.


Flight rates vary by time: $19 for an hour, $24 for 90 minutess. Kid Flights (jumpers 46″ and under, ages 0-6) are $14 for an hour, $19 for two 90 minutes. There is also an upstairs arcade if you want to do some gaming, and they offer party packages. You can purchase tickets and fill out waivers in advance online, which I recommend doing to avoid a wait in line and ensure you get the time slot you want. [Note: Pricing may have changed so be sure to check current rates.]

Flight Trampoline Park is located at 7200 Fullerton Road in Springfield, VA. Hours vary by day, so be sure to check the website.  And don’t wait for a rainy day to go.



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  1. Wow, after reading the post then I have to take my children to here. The trampoline park is so great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I went with my 6 and 7 year old children to our nearest trampoline park last year. We all have a wonderful experience there and enjoy a lot. I suggest every parent to go with their kids in trampoline at least once a month. It’s really amazing feel

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