Where in DC?


Think you know where this photo was taken? If so, you could win a cool prize! Leave your answer in the comments, and everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win TWO Certifkid deals for admission to Shenandoah Caverns for one adults and one child.

This contest will run through the weekend, and a winner will be picked on Monday, so get your guesses in soon.

Good luck!


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19 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Ginger Moss

    The Folger Theatre (Library)?

  2. Bridgette Guyer

    Dumbarton Oaks Gardens!

  3. C. Strand

    Dumbarton Oaks Museum

  4. Frances

    Dumbarton Oaks Gardens

  5. shuai shi

    Thank you for sharing us this wonderful picture. It is taken, I am pretty sure in the Dumbarton oaks gardens, the most beautiful garden in historic Georgetown, DC. Hopefully I could get the ticket to go with my daughter, Kelin. She is fond of cavern adventures.

    Thank you!

  6. Nicky Lumb

    The Pan is at Lovers Lane pool – a very special spot at Dumbarton Oaks.

  7. Jessi Cates-Bristol

    Dumbarton Oaks!

  8. Michelle

    Dumbarton Oaks!

  9. Aly

    Dumbarton Oaks 🙂

  10. Kathryn

    Dumbarton Oaks!

  11. Emily

    It’s the Pan statue at Lover’s Lane pool in Dumbarton Oaks. A great spot!

  12. Ah! The wonderfully hidden and mystical Dumbarton Oaks Gardens!

  13. MiCa

    Dumbarton Oaks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Chanel

    LOL @ the funny story of how I know war this is. I had a runaway 3yr old while we were touring the beautiful garden. I chased and he led us right to this beautiful fixture. Pan statue at Lover’s Lane pool in Dumbarton Oaks. Good things come to those who chase! It’s a hidden treasure.

  15. Joyce

    Dumbarton Oaks, one of my mom’s favorite places.

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