Where in DC?


It’s been a few weeks since the last “Where in DC?” photo contest, so here’s a quick reminder of how it works: The first person to correctly guess where this image was shot will win a prize. This time the loot is a Certifikid deal for either two adult tickets or one adult and one child ticket to Cirque Italia in Takoma Park or Frederick.

Just leave your answer in the comments below and be specific. The winner will be determined in the next couple of days, assuming someone gets it right by then. Good luck!

And congrats to KFDC reader Gigi, who was the first to correctly guess the last “Where in DC?” photo, the recycled water bottle chandelier at Union Market.


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5 Responses to Where in DC?

  1. Marnie Lewis

    Where in DC? Picture is of a sculpture on top of the science museum by the verizon center. https://koshland-science-museum.org

  2. Caron Baker

    Its the sun dial on Willard Avenue in Friendship Heights

  3. Mike Hill

    This sun dial is a part of statuary at Judiciary Square, near the DC Courthouse.

  4. Marnie Lewis

    Armillary Sundial
    It is located at Montrose Park on R Street NW, opposite Avon Place

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