Huzzah for Ren Fest!

How often do you encounter a scene like this?

I love Ren Fest. But if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you already knew that. Every fall, I express my fervor for the medieval time trip through dedicated posts and weekly recommendations to go during its seasonal run. We made our first visit of the season there this past weekend, and I say first because we’ll definitely be going back for more merriment. You can get more background on Ren Fest (and my love for it) here and here.  And you can view some scenes from this year’s faire at Revel Grove below.  And be sure to scroll all the way down for logistics and tips. Huzzah!

Where it all starts (and ends…this was shot on the way out)

The charming grounds of Revel Grove are a delight in itself

Getting medieval on that turkey leg

Fantastic jousting action!

Buy wear for the faire while you’re there

Little ones love the pony rides and parents love the cost: free!

Just a guy shoving a sword down his throat into his stomach

Hands-on in the House of Reptiles

Sasha enamored by bubbles, Owen by the bubble lady

Renaissance band jam

Good times in the Boars Head Tavern

The Maryland Renaissance Festival takes place at Revels Grove in Crownesville, Md, running every weekend through October 21 from 10am – 7pm. Admission is $17/ages 16 and up, $8/ages 7-15 thru September 16, then $22/ages 16 and up, $10/ages 7-15 from September 22 – October 21. Free for ages 6 and under.

When you go:
– Bring a stroller or carrier for little ones, as there’s a lot of walking. I recommend a stroller that navigates over dirt paths easily.
– Get a map and schedule on your way in to help you navigate and plan your day
– If there’s show you really want to see, get to the stage a few minutes ahead of time to get good seats so the kids have a good view.
– You might encounter less crowds on Sunday, when many folks are watching football
– Plan to spend on extras like food, games, and fun for kids (all reasonably priced but it can add up)
– Let the kids dress up! Princesses, knights, fairies, pirates will fit right in.

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