So You Think You Can…

Who else out there loves SYTYCD?  If you even know what the acronym stands for, then consider yourself part of the club—the more on the dance floor, the merrier, right? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about (and you are missing out, by the way), the full title is So You Think You Can Dance and it’s like American Idol, but way better and with dancing.  It’s the Best. Dance. Show. Ever.  I am addicted, and I won’t even call it a guilty pleasure, because I don’t feel an ounce of guilt plunking myself in front of the TV for three hours every week (yes, two on Wednesdays for the performances and one on Thursday for the elimination) to watch some of the most amazing dancers and choreography I have ever seen anywhere, ever.

So, just like Idol, there is a whole judgement aspect to it—dancers are critiqued after every performance, then viewers can vote for their favorite contestant.  The Simon Cowell of SYTYCD is Nigel Lythgoe, a former dancer and choreographer as well as creator and executive producer of the show.  He’s awesome—and not just because he created the Best. Dance. Show. Ever.  And not just because he gives great critiques—thoughtful, funny, knowledgeable—and serious cred to the show.

Nigel is also awesome because he came up with the idea for National Dance Day, a movement to encourage the nation to get healthy and gain confidence through dance.  He believes in it so much he got the government involved, and it’s going to be recoginzed by an official act of Congress (proposed by our very own Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton). Did I mention the guy is British?  Awesome.

By now you probably get where I am going with this:  Thanks to Nigel, we can celebrate National Dance Day this Saturday, July 31.  Festivities are happening all over the country, including right in our backyards on the National Mall.  From 3pm – 7pm, the public is invited to enjoy performances by a variety of dance groups:  B Fit, Beat Ya Feet Kings, Capitol Movement Project, Dance Institute of Washington, Dance Collective, DCypher, Fluria Flamenco, Gotta Swing, National Hand Dance Association, Souls of Steel, Step Afrika, Washington Ballet, and NCNW joined by Wanda Women Fitness Mamasita Movement & Wellness. Attendees can do more than watch; they can take part in demos, learn different styles of dancing, and participate in a FLASH MOB DANCE at 5pm.  And it’s all free. So, if you and your kids love to dance, get out there and shake your thangs.

PS – To my fellow SYTYCD fans: I love me some SYTYCD talk, so feel free to comment on your faves this season!  (I’m rooting for Robert and Lauren, though Billy’s “Mad World” routine last night was insane.)

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