A New View of the Zoo

I’ve mentioned before how much my kids love the zoo, like so many children do. It’s a no-brainer—seeing up close those exotic animals, giant beasts, and cuddly creatures that are usually just pictures in books or images on TV must blow their little minds. No matter how many times we go, Owen still gets excited when he spots the pandas hiding behind brush, orangutans hanging out on the O Line, or prairie dogs popping up out of their holes.

And while the animals are the main attraction, there’s a whole world of species that are totally essential, but often completely overlooked by visitors: The plants. But that won’t be the case this weekend. On Saturday, July 10, the flora will steal the spotlight as the National Zoo hosts Family Garden Day. From 10am – 4pm, folks are invited to explore the horticulture at zoo with activities, talks, demos, and more that focus on the vegetation that coexists with the amazing animals.

Kids can take part in all kinds of plant-related fun. The “Build a Habitat” activity will let them help design an animal enclosure using plants. “Tree Detective” will challenge them to identify various trees species. Kids can learn about planting gardens that attract butterflies and birds using eco-friendly techniques. There will be much more, including performances by the Mystic Warriors, showcasing ancestral Inca sounds, at 11:30am and 2pm, as well as Leafman sightings around the zoo.

The kicker: It’s all free! For details and more activities taking place, visit the National Zoo website.

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