She Was… An American Girl

Childhood obsessions. Those toys, books, shows, movies, and teen idols that can keep kids immersed in their own contented worlds for hours. I fondly remember some of mine: jacks, Nancy Drew, Smurfs, Judy Blume, Grease, Uno, Ms. Pac-Man, Rick Springfield. And, every now and then, I still get an itch to bounce that tiny rubber ball, school someone on the Baby board, or hear Dr. Noah Drake sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers.”

So, when I hear about the crazes that absorb kids these days, I totally get it. And there’s one in particular that I hear about all the time, but because of my kids’ preferences and ages (as mentioned previously in this post), I am not very familiar with it: American Girl.

From what I understand, little girls looove American Girl. And I have to be honest: until I did some research for this post, I thought it was just about dolls. Now I have the full scoop—there are books, clothes (kids apparel to match their dolls!), furniture, accessories, even a magazine. For someone with an AG obsession, it must be nirvana. None of my adolescent passions offered that much to indulge. (I had some Rick Springfield stickers and a few posters on my wall, but that was about it.)

Anyway, for those who have embraced American Girl, whether it be the dolls, books, fashion, or the whole shebang, there’s a not-to-be-missed event happening this weekend: On Saturday, 6/26, from 10am – 4pm, the National Museum of the U.S. Navy at the Washington Navy Yard will be hosting “Girls Make History Day” featuring…(drumroll)…the beloved American Girl dolls and books, AND two American Girl authors, Valerie Tripp and Jackie Greene. Intended to raise interest in history, heritage, and science, the event will feature 11 activity stations that link the lives of the fictional American Girl characters to maritime history, practical science, and technology applications.

The event is recommended for girls ages 5 – 13.  Guests can enter to win an American Girl doll, and prizes will be given to those who dress up like their favorite character. And, of course, dolls are invited to join the fun, too.

The event is free and open to the public. An RSVP is requested: 202.433.6826.

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