Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Kid’s Soul

Who doesn’t love to bop around to “Birdhouse in Your Soul?” You know, the catchy song by They Might Be Giants about a nightlight:

Blue canary in the outlet by the lightswitch,
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul.

It’s a happy song, a mood-lifter. I even have it on my workout play list, and it actually makes me run a little faster when it comes on. The beat is lively and the lyrics are silly in a cool way. And, maybe because it’s about a nightlight, it reminds me of being a kid.

So, when I first heard They Might Be Giants starting doing kids music a few years ago, I wasn’t really surprised. Their songs often play on the kids music channel we listen to sometimes on Sirius. They still have the same unconventional alternative sound, but with lyrics and themes that cater to kids. And they are legit: In 2009, they won a Grammy for Best Children’s Album for a kids project called “Here Come the 123s.”

It makes perfect sense, then, that They Might Be Giants are playing a special family show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on a Saturday afternoon. Tickets are still available for the June 12 performance that is sure to be fun for everyone. And while the set list will probably include more songs from their recent (ie, kids) albums, I bet parents can get them to do a little “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” as well.


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