I can almost remember the exact day that I first saw Owen’s baby head turn exorcist-style, his eyes brightened with a new glimmer of intrigue, his fat little finger pointed excitedly, and a warped babble like none I’d heard before escaped his tiny mouth. A firetruck, sirens blaring and lights flashing, was hurtling past us down the road, on it’s way to what must have been a five-alarmer given the reaction it elicited from my sweet, innocent boy.

That firetruck opened up a whole new world for us. From then on, everything from emergency and construction vehicles to Mac trucks and motorcycles would stop that kid in his tracks. Over three toddler-jaded years later, I still see that gleam in his eye when a dump truck or police car drives noisily by. And it’s not just a boy thing. Sasha drops everything she’s doing at the playground at the faintest sound of a siren and keenly fixes her eyes on the road, anticipating a speeding vehicle to zoom past at any second. She knew how to say “vroom” before she could say “mama.”

If you can relate to any of this — if your kid is also a motorhead in the making — then mark your calendars: Truck Touch is coming to town. On May 1 from 10am – 2pm, kids will have the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite road warriors. Big rigs, ambulances, dump trucks, fire engines, motorcycles, mail trucks, and many more exciting vehicles will be on display and open for exploration at Cheverly United Methodist Church in Cheverly, MD. Kids can take the driver’s seat, honk the horn, check out the cargo hold, and pretend to be king of the road. Besides the cool wheels, there will be food, face painting, and games. This annual fundraiser benefits Cheverly Weekday Nursery. Admission is $5/child, free for adults. Located at 2801 Cheverly Ave.

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