Cultivate New Interests at Brookside Gardens

It’s Spring Break for many area schools, and Brookside Gardens, a magnificent 50-acre public display garden in Wheaton, MD, has taken note. This week, kids can enjoy the special “Dig-In, Dig-Out” program, where they’ll discover cool plant facts and create botanical projects, among the many fun and interesting activities being offered. This is happening from 10am – 1pm every day this week, as long as it’s not raining (which, by the looks of the weather forecast, means the event will likely kick off Wednesday).

Budding horticulturalists can also learn how to start a veggie garden in the workshop “Start Your Gardens… Ready Set Grow” on Wednesday. From 10:30am – 12pm, kids can select veggies, plant seeds in starter pots, and learn how to care for their gardens throughout the year.

Even if you can’t make it to Brookside for this week’s events, it’s worth keeping in mind for later when you’re looking for cool things to do with the kids. Besides several incredible plant and flower collections, there’s a turtle pond, a children’s garden complete with gnome hut and tree house, and open spaces for picnics and free play.

And there are more great programs tailored to kids—story time every Saturday at 10am starting April 3, workshops like “Grow It Eat It – Salad Box” on April 18 and “Herbal May Day Baskets” on April 30, and garden tea parties on most Saturdays in April and May. Many of the workshops require reservations (and, sometimes, payment) so be sure to visit their website to book.

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  1. Neda

    What a great idea!! Never heard of this place! Jack loves to “garden” with his Dad, so I’m sure he’ll love this. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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