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Fall Safety Festival to Support the Maslins


The flyer might say Ward 6, but the Fall Safety Festival taking place this Sunday, October 21, welcomes everyone to enjoy a day of family-friendly activities that promote the community’s quality of life through safety and support a wonderful cause…

You likely heard about it in the news, or if you follow KFDC on Facebook you might recall that I posted about a horrific incident that occurred in my neighborhood a couple of months ago.  TC Maslin, a Capitol Hill resident, husband, and dad to a 2-year-old, was brutally assaulted while walking home late one evening.  He was found on a porch the next morning just a few blocks from his house, unconscious after suffering a serious brain injury in the attack.

The incident not only left TC with a very long road to recovery ahead of him, it has also utterly devastated his young family. His wife, Abby, has been blogging about their experience since the assault. Her posts, written with an eloquence and openness that have me reaching for tissues at every read, convey her challenges, dedication, and amazing strength through this tragedy. For all the people that were shaken by the incident in our community, there are many, many more who are moved by her words and the Maslins’ uphill battle.

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